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Home Stagers Dig Deeper into the Concept of De-cluttering before Listing for Sale

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It is no mystery that a de-cluttered property shows much better than a cluttered one.

Where the mystery lies is inside of each unique individual’s personal definition of clutter.

And, here is where the line gets severely blurred.

Most of us define clutter as scattered piles of miscellaneous “things”.  And, the majority of us see clutter as mostly small items.

When we hear the word “clutter” we think of the following: Excess ornaments, too much framed artwork on walls and surfaces, piles of laundry, stacks of paperwork, toys, office/stationary items, boxes, bags, shoes, tools, over-stuffed cupboards/drawers/closets, etc.

And, these are certainly all issues to start with.

But, clutter also consists of excess larger/function-irrelevant furniture items in spaces.

This is where it gets a little abstract for the average person.

We tend to furnish our spaces within our homes over the years based on convenience, daily function and activities, or lack of time/energy/storage space. Even if we end up with odd furnishing arrangements in rooms, it all becomes a part of our daily routine.

Where do we acquire these larger pieces that we force-feed into our existing décor?


1.       Cherished heirlooms (chests, armoires, antique sewing machines, etc.)
2.       Great “deals” we find along the way at yard/garage sales, or retailers
3.       Cast-away pieces thrown to the curb by neighbors
4.       Items hand-crafted by loved ones
5.       Extra pieces that came as part of a furniture package

And, the list goes on.

No one is immune to this, and I will bet that the majority of us have at least one of these items sitting in our homes.

How do we determine whether or not we have excess furniture in our home prior to selling?


*Do many walks throughout your home and pay close attention to how the flow feels.

*Can you navigate through every room with ease, or are there spots where you have to turn sideways or shimmy around sharp corners?

*Are you able to easily walk right up to all windows in all rooms in order to look outside?

*Are any important architectural features blocked by furniture? (fireplaces, windows, doorways, etc)

 *Are there any excess leaves in larger tables that can be removed to increase floor-space and optimize traffic-flow?

*Stand at the entrance to each individual room and visually scan all possible camera angles. Does anything obstruct a clear line of vision to the far opposite end of the room? Remember, buyers’ first impressions of every space will be from the doorway.

*Are there pieces that simply do not match the function of the room they are in? China cabinet in the living room? Play-pen or crib in the master bedroom? Sewing Machine in the dining room?

*Also be very careful of furniture pieces constructed of contrasting wood in a single room. An example of this is an oak shelving unit sitting on a dark mahogany floor, or an accent chair with dark wood accents sitting directly beside your fireplace with a light wood mantle.


         Before and After Photo of Home Staging Services provided in occupied home in Edmonton, Alberta by Revealing Assets - Home Staging and Decluttering Services

This can be a daunting process, as we tend to become comfortable in our surroundings no matter what adjustments we make along the way. Excess pieces of furniture simply become part of our home’s scenery/landscape. Navigating around obstructive pieces becomes second nature, which makes it a little alarming when it comes to merchandising our “home”, now a product, for sale.

This is where a Professional Home Stager comes in with a fresh perspective through a buyer’s eye. We can quickly assess which items can either be stored elsewhere on the property or off-site. We can also determine whether you have items in spaces that can be shifted or re-purposed to alternate rooms within your home for presentation purposes. We will also demonstrate to you how to maximize the floor-space in every room and draw attention to the important architectural/structural features, all without jeopardizing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

A very important concept to remember is that no matter what suggestions are made regarding which pieces should be out-of-sight, you c an look forward to enjoying these pieces in your new “home” a lot quicker. Any suggestions made to you whilst selling are made to ensure that you experience success in selling your home. Real Estate Professionals are there to help you succeed.




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Janice Ankrett
Burlington, ON
Staging Professional

Wonderful post Rhonda! I think you ticked all the boxes re clutter ;).

Jan 13, 2011 06:53 AM
Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Rhonda- you made a very good point. Clutter is more than just papers, books, toys, etc all over the room.

Jan 13, 2011 01:20 PM