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Since Friday is right around the corner, and most of us in the Northeast have been out shoveling snow... except me.  I thought I would reblog this post from Bob Stewart.  I think his idea is a great way to social network and move forward in a positive direction.

Original content by Bob Stewart

This week I want to change gears a little bit and do an 'open mic' Rain Radio. We are going to hold the phones open and you can call in and ask anything your little heart desires.

If I have the answer, I'll let you have it. (And if I don't have the answer, I'm not afraid to admit I don't have the answer, but maybe we can figure out someone who does and get you pointed in the right direction)

Do you wonder where the idea for ActiveRain came from? Do you wonder what those of us behind the scenes were doing before we started the site? Do you want to know what blogging approach seems to work the best for our most successful members? Do you want to know how much I can bench press? (It's not a lot, so let's just clear that up upfront)

It doesn't matter what your question is, join me on Friday at 12:00pm Pacific Time (3:00pm Eastern Time) and I'll do my best to answer any and all questions you throw my way. I try every day to speak to at least two members on the phone. Those conversations are always great and it seems the members walk away with a better understanding of how to implement a successful real estate blog. But there are a ton of members that I will probably never have the chance to speak with.

Opening Rain Radio up to our members gives us a chance to answer some of your questions in a dialog, as opposed to an email response from our support team. If the questoin is super technical and only applies to you, or your account specifically, I may defer you for a one on one call later. However, if it's a technical question that applies to the community at large, I'll certainly do my best to answer it on the call.

I rarely hold back, so having me on live you have the opportunity to ask tough questions for which you seek answers, so I hope you'll join us. If you'd like to ask a question (and listen to the call on your phone) the dial in number is:

(626) 231-0316

If you'd just like to listen from your computer, you can listen in on the RainRadio blogtalkradio channel.

As with all the shows, we do record them so you can listen in later. If you won't be able to join us at 12:00pm Pacific Time on Friday, but you have a question you would like answered, please leave it in the comments below and I will answer a few questions on Friday from the comments on this post as well.





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