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Columbia PA House Buyers: The profit margins for those that invest in real properties these days is much lower than what it was just 5 or 10 years ago. In the heyday of the last decade, one who did a lot of buying, rehabbing, and flipping was making around 20% in profit on average per house.The profit margin today is closer to 10% which isn’t fantastic, but those in the business know that it will go up and down. While its low now, when the market recovers their profit will be better and they will know just that much more about their business.

Investing In Real EstateEvery transaction or deal is a learning experience and those that continue to work at it through the ups and downs are well versed in all aspects of the market and what is required to keep afloat. When the market returns they are in a position to better negotiate and maneuver as needed because they have developed techniques and formulas that work for them.

The teams that are formed can be invaluable resources, according to successful investors. One professional house flipper describes his team’s role in his business as incredibly useful. He uses a realtor to help him find good deals, a title company, a real estate attorney, and a contractor. In addition, he has someone that goes to auctions to place his bids while he is doing other things that need his attention. Using the same people to work with on every deal makes the business work like a well oiled machine.

Find a good team to work with and your job will be easier. You can put a team together even if you are just getting started. Talk to a few people in your area that specialize in the different aspects of a real estate investment deal. Since they are already experts in their specialties, use them to help you and you’ll drive business their way in the meantime, creating a good mutual business relationship.

Cash is king for now in the business. You’ll want to have reserves of cash that you can use to purchase properties when they come available. Have enough to do the necessary repairs and pay for anything the property might need. Remember that a house may be a great deal at just $35k when the market value is well over $60k, but if it needs extensive repairs you’ll need the money to do them.

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Tommy Taylor
Taylor Properties & - Kerrville, TX
CNE- Texas Hill Country Realtor

Nice article. I agree that finding the right group of people you can trust to work with is just as important as any other factor in the investing/flipping of real estate.

Jan 12, 2011 11:21 AM