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We Buy Houses - Louisa VA House Buyers: If you are interested in breaking into the real estate investment business this might be a good time, depending on your resources available and other factors. Since there are so many foreclosures that are for sale and their value is most always higher than their price, you could stand to make some real money.

Have cash Resources for ForeclosuresYou will need to have certain resources available to you, though, to make it work well at this time. When the housing market was at its higher points a few years ago, you could buy a house even at its market value and within a year you would have already made a profit. Home prices were rising steadily all the time. If you could buy a property at less than its market value you had an even better opportunity to make more money on the deal.

Today’s market is not so kind. The reason is that you cannot just buy a house and count on selling it for a profit quickly. As the market changes you must be able to weather any storms that come along to keep afloat. Nowadays, you can easily buy properties at their lowest prices in years. If a house is in foreclosure the price may be even lower than the already low market value. You must be able to hold onto it, though, until the market starts to climb out of its present hole. If you have another investor that will buy the house from you now, you could stand to make a profit, too.

The investors that do well now are able to hang on until the market recovers. This is done by renting the properties out at least temporarily until they see a good time to sell. That way they have some income generated by the property now while waiting to cash in on the bigger profits later.

You’ll need financial resources to help you with this, though, because you may be able to buy a property cheap, but you’ll then be responsible for repairs or any remodelling that needs to be done before you can rent it out. If there is a mortgage on the property, you’ll want to be able to cover the mortgage if the tenant suddenly moves out or becomes a deadbeat and doesn’t or can’t pay the rent. You’ll have to take care of the mortgage no matter what the tenant does. Having cash reserves available will get you through troublesome times that could come up.


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