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A - B - C's of Real Estate - Susan Goulding, Tracy CA

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The A - B - C's of Real Estate by Susan Goulding, Tracy CA., REALTOR

Once you start blogging a great deal, if you are like most Blog Addicts, your brain starts thinking ilke a blog.

I have conversations with people all the time now and think "" OH I see a Blog Coming."

The other day as I was talking on the phone, who isn't' on the phone any more while driving... I started thinking of the "DUH's" of what makes a great real estate agent.

I was going to do all 27 letters at once, but that would be a waste of future blogs... so here we go.... the first in a series, to be posted every Wednesday. (Yes I know it's 27 weeks to hit the entire alphabet, but it will be worth it.)

THE A - B - C'S OF REAL ESTATE by Susan Goulding, Tracy CA - Realtor

A - ANSWER YOUR PHONE! answer your phone I know I recently had an article about how I change my voicemail to tell people when I am when I don't answer my phone.  So if you've been reading my articles, you're saying to yourself, "Hey Susan, you just told us NOT to answer your phone."  Nope, that's not what I said, I said set expectations of WHEN you will answer your phone, then ANSWER IT.

Want to know what happens when you answer your phone?  There is someone on the other end who has called you, gasp I know that's a strange concept and frequently they called you for a REASON.

Frequently when I answer the phone, it is a new buyer looking to purchase a home in Tracy or Mountain House, a new seller who needs help in California with a short sale seller, sometimes it is a local realtor wanting advise or help.  Banks call regarding foreclosures, REO listings, Short Sales, etc. if I didn't answer my phone I wouldn't know what they want.  There are even times when the NAME of the person comes up and I know who it is calling.

So, next time your phone rings, answer it, you never know it might be ME calling YOU.  I promise I'll answer my phone it could YOU be calling me!


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Christina ONeal
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I love it :)  I think you were talking to me :)

Jan 13, 2011 01:40 AM