The Inspection Process / West Hills Ca /Woodland Hills/ San Fernando Valley Real Estate

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The Inspection Process / West Hills Ca /Woodland Hills/ San Fernando Valley Real Estate

The Inspection/EB


FYI/EB(Question) Why do I need a Home Inspection when Purchasing a Home ?

(A) As the buyer, you have the opportunity to hire a professional inspector to evaluate the condition of the home. An inspection clause is included in the written contract given to the seller. The goal of a home inspection is to give you and objective, independent and comprehensive analysis of the physical condition or your potential new home and check for any safety issues that might otherwise be unknowable.

10 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector                

Typical homes take 2-3 hours to inspect. When the client arrives the inspector often presents a pre-inspection agreement to be signed followed by payment. A good inspector then gives the client a overview of the inspection process and invites the client to accompany him.
A professional inspector will check on the structure, construction and mechanical systems of the house.Though the order may vary, the inspector, at minimum, visually inspects each of the following.

This usually includes checking:
Look for dents or buckling
.Foundations: Look for cracks or water seepage
.Exterior Brick: Look for cracked bricks or mortar pulling away from bricks
.Insulation: Look for condition, adequate rating for climate
.Door and Windows: Look for loose or tight fits, condition of locks, condition of weatherstripping
.Roof: Look forage, conditions of flashing, pooling water, buckled shingles, or loose gutters and downspouts.
.Ceilings, Walls, and moldings: Look for loose pieces, drywall that is pulling away

.Porch/Deck: Loose railings or step, rot
.Electrical: Look for condition of fuse box/circuit breakers, number of outlets in each room
.Plumbing: Look for poor water pressure, banging pipes, rust spots or corrosion that indicate leaks,sufficient insulation
.Water Heater: Look for age , size adequate for house, speed of recovery, energy rating
.Furnace/Air Conditioning: Look for age, energy ration; Furnaces are rated by annual fuel utilization efficiency; the higher the rating, the lower your fuel costs. However, other factors such as payback period and other operating costs, such as electricity to operate motors.
.Garage: Look for exterior in good repair; condition of floor- cracks, stains, etc.; condition of door mechanism
.Basement: Look for water leakage, musty smell
.Attic: Look for adequate ventilation, water leaks from roof
.Septic Tanks (if applicable) Adequate absorption filed capacity for the percolation rate in your area and the size of your family
.Driveways/Sidewalks: Look for cracks, heaving pavement, crumbling near edges, stains.

Some of this information was; Reprinted from REALTOR® Magazine Online by permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.

Additional items such as pools, spas, barn and other outer structures, docks and sea walls, well flow , wood destroying insects, lawn sprinkler systems,fences and gates, and EIFS (exterior insulation & finish systems) may be offered by the inspection company, sometimes at an additional fee.

The inspection company may also offer environmental services such as water testin, radon testin, lead testing, or asbestos testing. Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector should give the client a summary of what was discovered and an opportunity to ask questions. The client then receives a signed written report of the findings. The report is the client's property; no other party is entitle to see it.

Depending on the results of the inspection, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get out of the written offer if major problems are discovered
  • Renegotiate the purchases price to account for necessary repairs
  • Negotiate that repairs are made by the seller before final purchase of the property.


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