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Food for Thought

All day long I hear tales of this builder offer $25,000 in free options or that builder offering free options and closing cost assistance - or how about the ad I saw where a builder was offering a free car with every new home purchase.

Now ask yourself. . .

Where is this money coming from? The answer is. . . YOU, the homebuyer, are paying for it. We all know that you can't get something worthwhile for nothing. No business is going to give you $25,000 in free options, they are just going to make it look that way. Either their prices are inflated to cover the freebies or they have cut back on service and standard features, or they have done both. Either way you look at it, YOU, the new homebuyer, are paying the tab. In fact, you could be paying the tab for 30 years with a mortgage payment that is larger than it should be because you financed more than you should, or the interest rate was inflated to cover closing costs.

So, what do you do?

The answer is simple. The first thing to do is IGNORE the incentives and concentrate on the Total Value.

Which builder:

•1.)     Offers the best built home? Quality Construction is very important! At S&A we believe if we provide a great quality product at a fair price and service it well, we will be in business forever.

•2.)     Provides the most for your money? Value lasts forever! S&A Homes, Inc. builds true value in to every new home; this commitment to quality will save you from ‘down the road' expenses that are prevalent with poorly constructed homes. Savings you can see throughout the entire process - before, during and after you purchase your home.

•3.)     Is dedicated to providing quality service? A great builder is very proactive and responsive to your service needs. At S&A we rely on repeat business and satisfied customer referrals. In Franklin County our market share has increased even during economic down turns because we always strive to be the best. Other builders came into the area when the market was good; now they are leaving and the families that purchased their homes will suffer from poor or non-existent service.

•4.)     Has the best reputation? Peace of mind is very valuable! S&A is part of the community; we have been part of the area for 20 years. We can not afford any gimmicks because it would hurt a reputation that we have worked so hard to maintain. S&A has been voted ‘The Best New Home Builder' and received the Public Opinion Reader's Choice Award for 10 consecutive years.

•5.)     Offers exceptional financing options? No hidden fees, hidden financing charges or inflated costs! S&A provides in house financing thru Integrity Home Funding (the name says it all - Integrity) with exceptionally competitive rates and flexible programs that are designed to add value to our new homes and the new home purchasing experience.

•6.)     Provides a no nonsense price? Real Savings! S&A works hard to help you cut costs in other areas like transfer tax, homeowners insurance and title insurance; areas that provide a long term savings.

•7.)     Does away with smoke and mirrors? No free options baloney, a true price adjustment based on current market conditions! S&A never inflates their prices and thus protects you from smoke and mirror illusions of savings; an S&A price is ALWAYS a true VALUE!

If you look for the seven things listed above and make it a point NOT to be swayed by erroneous incentives, you will get. . . . The most new home for your money!      The best value!      A quality S&A home!

Please call me today and let me show you why S&A Homes is the right builder for you and your family.

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Comments (5)

Gerry Stephens - Central PA Real Estate Market
Wells Fargo - Harrisburg, PA
Thanks for your vote of confidence Scott.  This is a wonderful relationship that adds value to the entire home building process. 
Sep 17, 2007 06:15 AM
Tracy Snow
Dan Ryan Builders - Falling Waters, WV
Scott, you said everything perfectly about S & A Homes and Integrity Funding!!
Sep 17, 2007 10:25 AM
Scott Liddick
S&A Homes, Inc. - Chambersburg, PA
Thanks Tracy  :o)
Sep 18, 2007 02:43 AM
Vincent Coccia
Construction Services Integration - Paoli, PA
Great post and it is true that value is so key. So many builders and contractors do not care about the quality rather quanity.  I am a contractor and I still care about the person's home when I complete work on their house.  Thanks for the info. 
Dec 21, 2007 02:23 PM
Universal Funding Partners
Universal Funding Partners - Scranton, PA

Excellent post Scott! 

It's so important for people to get past those offers because they are very exciting.  They use emotion to get the prospect to forget about the real reason they called in the first place - to have a home built with quality construction by a reputable builder that has pride in their work.

I get this in my profession all the time.  As a Mortgage Specialist, prospects just want the best rate.  They don't realize that rate is only one small aspect of the total loan that will bring them the most value.

Now I'm also representing a national building supply company and the same thing applies.  I have pride in my prices, but the most value comes from the services we give to builders and contractors to get the job done efficiently.  Everyone always wants to concentrate on price and glamour.

Dec 23, 2007 02:41 PM