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The big Franchise or the small independent Broker?

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Recently I've had many conversation with agents regarding the benefits/advantages of working at the big franchise Brokers or the smaller independent RE Brokers. As one who has experience at both, I beleive the cost involved with the franchise brokerages are high and your final net is low. Sure, you can negotiate a 100% commission but is it really 100% after paying for desk/office space, copies, phones, and a whole list of other charges.

Then there is the argument of "global exposure". Well a few years back I would agree. However, with today's access to unlimited internet resources to promote your company products and listings, that exclusive "Global Exposure argument is somewhat neutralized.

I recently became a Broker for a small company and find it very relaxing with higly motivated and professional agents. My difficulties so far have been getting a few more agents to join our company.

This conversation can be endless and for this posting I looking to stimulate further some responses.

Seems like no one wants change. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


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I think a small independent broker will have to work a little harder to prove that his marketing works. There's always the big bucks of a large name brand who had marketed long before the small, independent ones have.

I'm a small independent broker. Here's how I can compete: I'm very sure if someone is serious about home buying in Frisco, they will eventually stumble upon my website. A big name brand brokerage? Not so much (I'm talking about the brokerage, not the agents).

Again, the old adage - Agents, not brokerage firms they represent.

Jan 15, 2011 12:03 AM
Sharalyn Kluke
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I have worked for both small independent companies and for major brokerages.  I also owned a small independent company with a friend at one time. 

It's difficult to recruit for small independent companies because you don't have a brand name to lure them with.  The agents believe that a name will help make the phone ring.  The buyers will call an independent company if you have the listings, however it seems more difficult to get listings when you don't have a big name behind you.  As an independent company, you get more buyer calls on your own listings because you aren't necessarily sharing the calls with everyone else in the office (if you are allowed to put your own phone number on the sign).

Working for a large broker may help if you are one of the big hitters in the area, but if competition is high with other big names, you don't always get the listing.  Out-of-area buyers will sometimes call a big company based on what company is doing well in their neck of the woods. 

I'm not telling you anything you don't know.  They key is to get the phone to ring and be sure that the buyer and/or seller are taken care of immediately so that they don't have time to call someone else while Real Estate is on their minds.  Good agents will sell whether they work for a brand name or a small independent company, right? 

Jan 15, 2011 12:48 AM