The seasons are changing

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The seasons are changing

With fall approaching fast, some Real Estate speculators are wondering what the future has in store for the New season? Many novice Realtors and Real Estate Agents are becoming extremely uneasy about the market and are retiring by the hundreds. This is a plus for home owners who are in need of a Real Estate professional because they are more likely to receive the service of an educated person instead of someone trying to make a quick buck because the market was good. The market is becoming more and more scary due to the main stream media reporting on topics that they do not understand. If you are serious about educating yourself on how Real Estate really works i give you my encouragement, for those of you who would rather listen to FOX News and their reporter or CNN then by all means do so but beware.

If you want to know the facts about what is happening in the Real Estate industry then listen up. First there is a problem with foreclosure right now but it's a normal cycle that will straighten it's self out with in the next 9 to 18 months. Second people got real crazy when they found out their homes had rose in value tens of thousands of dollars and spent it without thinking about the future consequences. Third is that investors entered several markets anticipating to capitalize on quick appreciation markets. So there are 3 cold facts of why things are the way they are but understand the Real Estate market is behaving normal right now, it will smooth out in the future. If you are a buyer looking to pick up a home this is definitly the time to buy. Foreclosure rates are at all time record highs meaning banks want to unload massive amounts of inventory. Another bonus for buyers right now is that in the majority of city's across the country the median price of homes are dropping making new developments with loads of inventory sell with huge incentives.

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Shawn Harris

Hi, Makea:

Definitely good and bad about this market! Having more professional agents is a plus. People are realizing that being an agent really is hard work. It takes dedication, persistence, heart and intelligence...and you MIGHT make it!

This is a better market than the news would have you believe. People always need shelter. Getting a property properly listed will increase its chances of being sold. Good luck this fall! I hope your efforts mean translate to a great last quarter.

Sep 17, 2007 11:05 AM
Kaushik Sirkar
Call Realty, Inc. - Chandler, AZ
I won't comment on the Las Vegas market regarding your 9-18 month comment.  I don't know that market.  What I can tell you about phoenix...inventories are at a record high and keep going.  All the experts in 06 said the market would turn in 07.  Those same experts are now saying 08.  I wouldn't be surprised if it took another year or two (or three) in our Valley...
Sep 17, 2007 11:23 AM
Makea Turner
Simply Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
Yes our market is flooded also but we still have a great demand here with 7000 people moving here each month. The problem occurs when people who don't really want to sell there home but are just feeling the market out to see what they could actually get for there home and  list there home on the MLS which then makes it more difficult and crowded making it hard to get accurate comps while having to explain to potential sellers that  50% of the homes listed are not realistic. Things will pick up here and across the country but some places might not pick back up faster that others.
Sep 19, 2007 06:19 AM
Makea Turner
Simply Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
Thanks for reading and i love your input thanks allot and keep reading.
Sep 19, 2007 06:19 AM
Ricki Eichler McCallum
CastNet Realty - Corpus Christi, TX
Broker,GRI,ABR, e-Pro, TAHS
Our market here in the Texas Hill Country is strong and still appreciating only a little slower than before.  But I lived through a terrible market in the '80's.  In fact, I changed my office and sold only foreclosures in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area.  There were so many and we saw so much corruption and abuse of power then.  We held people's hands whild they cried and tried to comfort them.  It was awful, so when someone says the market is bad in their area I do understand.  Some of this is normal but some of it is caused be greed as well.   Ricki Eichler
Sep 29, 2007 03:13 PM
Makea Turner
Simply Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
I agree with what you are saying and recently there have been reports on the local cable news that corrupt people are beginning to take advantage of un educated people. This is horrible and those people should be ashamed of themselves.  Thanks for reading and please keep the info flowing.
Oct 01, 2007 10:01 AM
Quakertown, PA
e-PRO, Realtor - Bucks County PA - 610-952-3578
I agree.  Many of the morning shows like the Today SHow seem to always present this "sky is falling" attitude.
Oct 16, 2007 02:34 AM
Makea Turner
Simply Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
Thanks for reading and please vistit all my web sites that are all linked to my home page.
Oct 16, 2007 02:23 PM
Sandy Bacon
MacDoc Realty - Fredericksburg, VA
While market conditions are not really great anywhere some have been hit much harder than others and the recoup times in the harder hit markets will take longer to get themselves readjusted.  Here in Virginia I am hearing very seasoned agents say that it is the worst they have ever seen.  I am hoping for a better 2008!
Dec 03, 2007 06:35 AM
Gary Woltal
Keller Williams Realty - Flower Mound, TX
Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth
Makea, I agree with you if you are a buyer these days this is the time to be out shopping and pick up the sweet deals as long as they have a long term perspective on owning.
Dec 04, 2007 10:58 PM
Terrie Leighton
Ferrari-Lund Real Estate - Reno, NV
Reno Real Estate Agent ~ Selling Homes in Reno
I  live in Nevada and our Foreclosure rate has never been so high and so our local economists are predicting 2009 we should get back to normal. But, honestly, no one really knows for sure. Those same experts predicted 2008 things would come around. What I do know, however, is there are some awesome buys out there.  Buyers and investors should be out shopping! Thanks for your input!!
Mar 24, 2008 04:06 PM
Kent Anderson
Coldwell Banker Resort Realty, Sandpoint, Idaho - Sandpoint, ID
from Schweitzer to the Lake
The market is not great here in North Idaho, but I have seen a recent increased interest. Things are actually looking up. It may take longer to realize an big equity gain on a home...buyers just need to make sure they love what they buy, enjoy their investment and make sure they can afford their investment over the long haul.
Jan 04, 2009 05:47 PM
Diana Lyons
Blacksburg, VA

Our area (Blacksburg, VA)  is fortunate that we didn't see the huge increase in foreclosures or "bubble burst" and we remain overall steady. We are experiencing a longer list to sell timeframe but is typical this time of year.

I know it's hard to be positive when those pesky bills come due every month :)  when our paychecks don't.  We need to constantly reinvent ourselves and agree that it will come back.  Soon, I hope!

Dec 02, 2009 04:47 AM
Michael J. Perry
KW Elite - Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA Relo Specialist

Just bumped into this ! How about an update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last 2 yrs. have been challenging !!!

Sep 15, 2010 02:07 AM
Ginger Harper
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage~ Ginger Harper Real Estate Team - Southport, NC
Your Southport~Oak Island Agent~Brunswick County!

Finally. I am so glad to see Spring   Finally


Apr 13, 2013 12:14 PM
Ricki Eichler McCallum
CastNet Realty - Corpus Christi, TX
Broker,GRI,ABR, e-Pro, TAHS

HI Ginger,  Yes, Spring is good! :)

Apr 14, 2013 12:17 AM