With High Taxes and High Home Owners Insurance Why Buy?

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I have been spending most of my time renting homes that were bought in the big bubble. Most people moved out of these homes and are trying to stay alive by short sales, foreclosures or renting them at half the payment of the mortgage. Most people do not want to bother with taxes and homeowners in Florida. Who will buy now ? I don't think investors are ready, It looks like the only buyers are banks. If the banks own most of the homes and rent them out how will the market stabilize?

I see builders building cheaper homes and competing with the banks low prices of the bigger homes, that have lost value because of them having renters. Will we go to less expensive homes and will the government lower taxes and make home owners insurance affordable, or is this impossible?

What will real estate agents do with the listings that will not sell? Do you still advertise them and market them? It gets very expensive to market an overpriced home.

Can the seller make Charitable Contributions by selling them at a lower price to first time buyers or single parents? I think that would be great, it would be win win. But the Government might see this as too easy. They would rather have the sellers go bankrupt and the buyers with less money live in substandard homes or no homes. House-less vs Homeless. What is the main difference? House-less can stay with a friend until things get better. The Homeless has been shunned by family and might say that the family has disowned them. They have no where to go as far as I can see. When no one reaches out you go numb and they give up. The house-less are not there as of yet but if we do not do something about them it might turn into a homeless scenario.

I spend my days now just finding homes for house-less people, I have not been selling alot of homes. Buyers are usually looking at high prices homes because they have not been effected as much as the middle to lower class in this mortgage nightmare.

I hope we can sell homes to families again one day and there will be a mortgage system in place that helps with the high costs of taxes and insurance. No one wants a free ticket , just a chance to own a home as far as I can see.

If any programs come out to help the displaced families that are renting because the home they had has been foreclosed on or they have had to leave their homes please let me know. I have alot of people asking for help even in rentals. First, Last and Security is alot of money for most people.


Melissa Langridge 

Gary Jules' Song Mad World and pictures of homeless people ...very sad i hope you like it



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Arina Hanciulescu
RealtyPros - Las Vegas, NV

You are so right. I believe that there is a collective attitude to go blind and dismiss those realities. How many real estate agents had the courage to call the current situation, in market's place, just the way it is? You put all in a real perspective and no matter how discouraging may look IT IS THE TRUTH.

Thank you for the post well written

Sep 17, 2007 11:37 AM