The pleasures of living in a lake community

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Today was a one of a kind Southern California day; middle of January; sunny and mid 70's.  So I thought I'd take a long drive through Canyon Lake when I left the office instead of heading straight home like I usually do.  I'm always driving around the community looking at houses or showing clients around, but I sometimes forget just how great this "Little Bit of Paradise" is and why we decided as a family to move here several years ago. 

As I head in the East gate, I get a friendly wave from the guard and pass by the Eastport park where a Dad is playing basketball with his two boys - looks like a game of horse and I think he's winning.  I notice someone take their pontoon boat out at the launch ramp, hopefully after a nice day of cruising in the sun with friends and family.  Nearing the center of the community I decide to head North and see what's happening.  Up Vacation Drive I go and pull into Sierra Park to catch a few guys playing Ultimate Frisbee, some kids playing in the park, and waterfowl pecking around for morsels near the beach.  I leave there and take a turn up Inspiration Point and stop at the last empty view lot on that street.  WOW! What a view with the whole lake laid out and the sun getting low in the sky.  I can see a few boats scrambling around the lake trying trying to catch the final hours of the day and some smooth water.

Further along Vacation Drive I stop in front of the slalom lake.  Man the water is smooth, but no boats - the course is just begging for someone to get out there and cut it up.  On to the Equestrian center where I see a fee folks trotting around the arena with smiles on their faces.  And just next door at the ball fields, another Dad pitching to his boy and telling him to keep his elbows up.  I head back towards the center of Canyon Lake and swing by the lodge and Sunset Beach to find some folks on their lawn chairs getting ready to watch the sunset.  And just nearby, a pretty competitive game of doubles on the tennis courts.  Time to head towards home, I cross over the main causeway and catch a few boats still anchored in the East Bay enjoying the warm weather with a few drinks in hand.  There is even someone with their fishing pole out hoping to reel in a big one. 

At last I take a turn down Continental and pass by Indian Beach and see a couple sitting in their golf cart down by the water snuggling; I know I'm close to home now.  I pull into my driveway where the wife and son and dogs all wait for me in my own "Little Bit of Paradise".  I love it here.  Goodnight everybody.

Rosalinda Morgan
Brookville, NY
"The Rose Lady"

Justin - Really sounds like paradise to me.  That's what my kids keep on telling me.  They moved to Southern California few years ago.  I worry about the earthquakes though.

Jan 17, 2011 01:40 PM
Justin Bevins
BHHS - California Properties - Canyon Lake, CA

Hi Rosalinda and thanks for your comment.  We all worry a little about the earthquakes, but hope we don't ever have to experience a big one.  I hope your kids are enjoying themselves here on the West coast.  Nice to meet you.

Jan 17, 2011 06:50 PM