Real Estate Agent with Century 21 NorthBay Alliance

Another Loan Modification Request completed andsent to the Bank. As a Real Estate Broker...I spend alot of time working with homeowners in financial distress. We always ask and always encourage homeowners who are having difficulty with their mortgage payments to apply for a Loan Modification.

Our Foreclosure Prevention Project offers FREE Loan Modification consultation and assistance to any homeowner experiencing difficulty making their home mortgage payments. We also offer FREE mailing and faxing service for those hefty application packages. Yes, this is a free service!

The Foreclosure Prevention Projectis an information/education community outreach effort of Century21 NorthBay Alliance and the Lake County Short Sale Team.

One of the saddest pieces of information I have heard recently...approximately 80% of the foreclosed homeowners in America never spoke with a Realtor. That is tragic! There is help available! Call a local Realtor who specializes in working with people in Financial Distress.

If you are having trouble locating a professional to assist you...give me a call at 707-520-4265 and I'll help you find the assistance you need. No cost and no obligation.