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HEY!!! It's 2011. Get With It!!

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2011 is in full swing.  Yes, we're over half way through the very first month of the year.  If you didn't spend your 2010 4th quarter prospecting and you did spend it doing nothing but drinking egg nog and being full of the holiday spirit (nothing wrong with this), then we'll see you in the summer.  You are so far behind it's going to take you till summer to catch the rest of us.  I've hit the ground running in 2011 and I hope you have too.  I don't mean this professionally only; I have resolved to fine tune the out of tune items in my life and smooth out some of my rough edges.  We as agents and people should encourage those who we work with and those we spend our time with to do the same.   You are only as good as the company you keep.  If you keep talking about change and you have done nothing about then enjoy the bed you've made.  You will not enjoy my company in your world of misery.

We have an obligation as agents to let our clients know this.  Prepare them for what could and might happen.  The real estate market can be an unfriendly place if you're not ready for it.  Smooth out those rough edges in the home before you hit the market.  There may be a sense of urgency motivating you to get on the market sooner than later; I can understand this.  Rates will start going up and soon.  A buyer's buying power will inevitably dwindle and we'll be back to a world where 6% is the going rate.  I can recognize your urgency.  I feel it too, but you should not and cannot properly serve your clients if you have not given them the proper tools to deal with the bumps and curve balls they will encounter.  Shame on you. I challenge you to market and care for each home you list for the rest of your career as if were yours or someone who you cared deeply about.  This is part of my grand plan for 2011 and it's already in action.  In fact, it was in action before the 4th quarter even started.  Like I said, if you're still trying to figure out how to bounce back from the holidays, it's too late.

I  have set my goals and I remain true and steadfast to them.  In this world one of the few things you have is yourself, your self-worth, and your word.  Extremely precious each of these and you should resolve to make them the very best you can for yourself, your family, and your clients (who are like your extended family).  HEY!!!! It's 2011 get with it!!!

Rachel McLendon Behme
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