Are You Moving Forward or In a Circle?

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Yesterday I listened to a webinar by Richard Flint which made me pause.  It is half way through January.  Most of us have made our resolutions or created our business plans.  His point was that the New Year is a time to start over; to start ANEW.  I, for one, realized that you cannot do that until you confront the struggles from the previous year.  If you don't do this, you will not be moving forward you will be moving in a continuous circle of failed promises to yourself.  There are four questions that need to be answered if you want to leap forward:

•1-     What do I REALLY want my life to be this year?

•2-     Why do I REALLY want to invest my time in this vision?

•3-     What behaviors do I need to improve not to sabotage my journey?

•4-     Am I REALLY willing to pay the price to get there?

I hear people hoping that this year will bring them everything they hope for. BUT...

 "It is not about what the year will bring to you.  It is what are you willing to bring to this year."

The first question defines your VISION.  It is your direction and sets your internal compass for the year.  Without setting this FIRST you have no chance of achieving your desired outcome.  It is like going on a trip without the directions. You need to see this for business, family, health, relationships.  Setting one without the others will be like sitting on a stool with legs that are uneven. Another way of saying this is- Where your FOCUS goes your ENERGY flows.

The second question addresses the MOTIVATION.  Why do you want this life??  It needs to by YOUR reason; no one else's'.  It defines and reinforces your COMMITTMENT to stay on the path towards the vision above.

The third is where the tires hit the road. It is recognizing the BEHAVIORS that need to change in order to change your direction.  Behaviors do not lie.  Behaviors are driven by DISCAPLINE. They are also identified by self reflection.  Sometimes routines need to be interrupted.  Sometimes it is not " I need to START" but "I need to STOP" or "I am BECOMING".  I like the later as it is more positive and puts your focus on the correct behavior.

Finally you must recognize that there is a price to pay for change.  Change is hard.  Change is uncomfortable.  Change gets you outside of your comfort zone. Is your vision worth the price? If it isn't then don't start the journey.

Sometimes we face our resolutions or our business plans like a to-do list.  Maybe some of you will relate more to this technique. I will tell you that it is not easy to answer these questions.  You need to get away from the noise of your life and sit and reflect. If you would like to hear a more in depth discussion on this topic I have attached the link to the recording of the webinar.


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