On This Week's Agenda - September 17-21, 2007

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Just so that you don’t think that being a real estate attorney is all closings, here is a look at this week’s agenda.

  • Assess value of real property gift made 10 years ago
  • Attend pre-closing of municipal Revenue and Refunding Bond issue as underwriter’s counsel
  • Follow up with property appraiser re value adjustment board petition filed on behalf of agricultural land owner
  • Issue title policy for land dedicated to county to be used for sidewalks
  • Legal research and analysis re collection of homeowner’s assessments and applicability of FDCPA
  • Make final revisions to commercial condominium documents
  • Prepare mortgage documents for lending institution making an out-of-state loan secured by Florida property
  • Prepare Mortgage Modification and Stock Pledge for real estate developer
  • Prepare Option to Purchase, Residential Lease, and Mutual Release of Claims for construction company

There is not a single closing on the calendar this week. But if you need help with one, let me know.

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