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When I first became a Realtor, less than a year ago I often thought........No fair! I have to spend my Sunday afternoon hosting open houses. The reality?.....Its very seldom an open house will sell the house you are presenting. In fact, half the people who walk through them are either nosey neighbors, or Buyers already working with another Realtor....often by 4pm Sunday, I think to myself how inefficient the last 4 hours of my life was, especially on those hot summer days when everyone is out at the lake.

Thats one way to look it. Although in my eyes most of the above is true, the outcome can be a complete 180.  Open houses now are my BREAD and BUTTER. I have recently taken an hour out of my Friday afternoon to door knock ten houses up and ten houses down from the property I will be hosting an open house at the following Sunday. I ask the homeowners how long they have lived in the neighborhood, how long they plan on living there, and if they were to move, where would they go? Most people have no problem answering these, i let them know there is a house for sale up the street and they are more than welcome to come take a peek during the open house, and better yet, if they know of any buyers, they have the opportunity to pick their own neighbors! Give them your card, thank them for your time....

Now traffic is flowing at my open each person walks in I find something I think they would be interested in talking about.....I ask them if their Realtor has shown them lots of properties.......Oh wait! they say they dont have a Realtor.....that's my in!....I let them know that if they arent interested in this house, that there is a house on this street and this street i think they may like...i get their contact info. and ask if I can set them up on the automated PCS system.....

As realtors, we've all heard a million ways to host open houses. A lot of times we can feel like pushy salespeople when using dialogue thats not our own words. I recommend taking the time before each open house to know the comparable properties in the neighborhood, cause chances are people will ask about them, always give out your cards, always find a reason to have to contact that person once they have stepped out the door and most of all .....BE YOURSELF.....not all buyers will mesh with you....and although we want them all, sometimes its not always worth it.

And remember, next Sunday when you have to wake up early to spend your afternoon working......YOU ARE A can take Monday off if you want!!!!!( or whichever day works for you :p) good luck!


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Paul Caloca
The Papas Group (DRE #01766524) - Scotts Valley, CA

You show wonderful initiative! Keep that up and you will achive long term success.  ;-)

Jan 19, 2011 07:15 PM