The NEW World of Coke in Atlanta

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 Since Coca-Cola has its headquarters in Atlanta, it is appropriate that there is something called the "World of Coca-Cola" here.

What exactly is the World of Coke?  From their website:

The NEW World of Coca­Cola is the only place where visitors can explore the complete story—past, present and future—of the world's best-known brand! For over 120 years, we've been putting our secret formula into bottles. Now, we've put it all in one amazing place—the NEW World of Coca­Cola.

With 62,000 square feet of guest areas, the NEW World of Coca­Cola is approximately twice the size of the previous World of Coca­Cola.

We will feature more than 1,200 artifacts from around the world that have never been displayed to the public before. In fact, only about 50 artifacts from the previous World of Coca­Cola will be showcased at the NEW World of Coca­Cola.

This past weekend, we decided to explore the NEW World of Coke.  Overall, it is a nice experience for visitors to Atlanta and a HUGE improvement over the OLD World of Coke.  The best parts are the Tasting Experience with over 70 Coke products from around the World that you can taste.  Some are really good...some, not so much.  The 4D Theater is also kind of fun.

There are some changes they could make though

  • The waiting area for entering the movie should have more paraphernalia  and displays.  It's kind of a boring (although nice) area where you are forced to wait.
  • The walk-through bottling area is congested (and it wasn't even busy when we were there).  There needs to be some way to keep the people moving.
  • The Happiness Factory Theater Movie was fun/entertaining.  However, it could have been a lot better with some Animatronics.  Yeah...I'm a Disney Nut, but the characters in the movie would really lend themselves well to Animatronic form.
  • The Hub is just kind of there.  It's nice, but so EMPTY.
  • The Pre-Show area has an audio portion which is really hard to understand because it switches gears so many times and bounces around to a myriad of speakers.  It's an interesting effect, but poorly executed.

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