Wanna lower your electric bill?! Try a different type of AC filter!

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Do you want to lower your electirc bill?!  I live in Aventura, Florida outside of Miami, and I have been battling high electric bills for years.  I have always chalked it up to living in an older townhouse with high ceilings and leaky doors and windows.  In the past, I have insulated, caulked, bought "energy efficient light bulbs" and done everything imaginable to try and bring down the cost of my electric bill.  Several months ago, I ran out of my "special ordered and custom fit" air filters that I need(or thought I needed to purchase) because my air conditioning filter was an odd size.  Since ordering my new filters takes a while, I decided to buy a cut to fit brand at my local Publix in Aventura(my local grocery store).  The only "cut to fit" filter that they had was a green type of filter, which was only $4.99, and on the package it said saves on electric, because the air passed through more easily.  Well, now that is has been 2 months, I can honestly say that it is not a fluke, but my electric bill has gone down by 35 - 40% from previous bills around the same time of the year!  Not only that, but I am able to cool my house the same as before, at around 3 degrees warmer on the thermostat.  I never thought a different air filter could make such a difference, but apparently the looser weave allows my AC unit to work less.  For those of you wondering, we have not seen any increase in dust or pollen in the house either.  So, if you want to lower your electric bill, you need to try this strategy!  Hope this tip helps some of you save some money in 2011!

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Katherine Fornale

Thank you for this tip James.  We have a house in Florida and put solar panels on the roof to heat the pool and this tip from you ought to help save even more, thanks again.

Jan 20, 2011 04:59 AM