Special offer

Tickets available through me for the "BANFF Film Festival" in Redding on 10-2-07

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What a joy it is to live in an area where young adults are adding wonderful things to the community.  A group called "Redding Independent Film & Television" (RIFT) is bringing the Radical Reels Tour to town.  This year it is the BANFF Film Festival.  If you're into thrills on the snow, this will be worth going to. 

What? BANFF Film Festival

When?  Tuesday, October 2, 2007 at 7pm. 

Where? Cascade Theater in downtown Redding. 

Cost: $12.00

How?  Call me at (530) 224-6701. I've got a line on tickets...  My son filmed in BANFF this winter so has a special interest!  I'd love to support RIFT in this. 

All proceeds will go to the Redding Swim Team Non-Profit Organization.