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In the New Oxford American Dictionary on my computer the word enchantment, noun form of enchant,  is defined as  “fill (someone) with great delight; charm,” e.g.  Enchantment is what we experience living in New Mexico.

While having never worked with real estate professionals in other states, other than as buyer or seller of a home or land, I imagine the professional’s life is as challenging no matter what state.

What could make the profession in New Mexico enchanting, as our moniker implies, is the great diversity of land, people, and home styles.  

As long ago  as 800 AD multi-tiered adobe homes were started.   Some ancient buildings remain, mudded over again and again and yes, continue to be lived in.  The adobe of yesteryear has evolved, at least in most cases, contemporary adobe, rammed earth, straw bale, and adobe  look a likes made of frame with stucco over.  These historic based southwest home styles have been joined by brick, metal, log, frame with siding.  There are territorial, colonial, Victorian, Georgian, converted rail cars, contemporary and beyond.  There are flat roofs, peaked roofs, and sloped roofs.  Manufactured and modular homes are  prevelent.  My home is a northern New Mexico farmhouse, stucco on frame, peaked roof.

This is a land where out buildings are the norm, not the exception.  In my neighborhood, one cannot expand unless it IS a separate building.  A Hogan joins with barns, stables, casitas, garages, storage sheds,  cowboy shacks, riding facilities, outhouses, bunkhouses, etc.

Architectural details have been passed down from generation to generation of new homes. You can find them here:

Architectural Details

Perhaps it is the less severe weather that permits this great variation or the eclectic population.

Or, perhaps I missed something in the many-states residences I have had and am now just waking up in New Mexico.



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Dan Edward Phillips
Dan Edward Phillips - Eureka, CA
Realtor and Broker/Owner

Good Morning Priscilla, excellent description of New Mexico (having lived there 25 years), some of your post did not show up.

Jan 21, 2011 01:40 AM
Gabrielle Kamahele Rhind
KGC Properties LLC, Tucson Property Management & Real Estate - Tucson, AZ

GOOD MORNING PRISCILLA!  I have been to your town many times for several reasons including the Balloon Festival - and it really is enchanting and beautiful!-- G

Jan 21, 2011 11:21 PM