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The power of Patience in Feng Shui: The Deeper Meaning by Feng Shui New York Consultant

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The power of patience in Feng Shui. I particularly like the statement this blogger made "When I allowed myself to stop expecting the changes to occur in a certain way, my perspective changed and that is when I say my intentions become a reality."

Very nice blog and well written. 

Original content by Laura Cerrano #888

The Power of Patience in Feng Shui: The Deeper Meaning by Feng Shui New York Consultant

Patience in feng Shui

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Feng Shui can be a tricky concept at times, especially if you are just starting to learn the process. There are so many levels to address, physically, spiritually and emotionallyIt requires dedication, focus, determination for your life goals and Patience.

A common question before and after completing a Feng Shui Consultation is "How long will it be before the changes take affect"? This is a great question and the answer is...it always depends on that persons given situation, current lifestyle and perspective on life.  Typically, changes can accrue within 2 weeks and for some it may be even sooner.  We have had clients notice shifts in energy the very next day or a few days after.  For others, it's a much longer process because they need to address more of the spiritual and emotional aspects in their life with Feng Shui. 

Remember, Feng Shui is not a "cure" to all of life's problems, it is a way to enhance your lifestyle. You are responsible for helping to shift the energy as well. Any Master in Spiritually will tell you the same.

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After making the changes you need to act on them. Many times those who are new to Feng Shui will make the changes but, show concern that nothing is happening.  If this is the case you need to ask yourself: I made changes in my home but did I translate them to the outside world as well? Am I being honest with myself about specific issues I may have to address in order to move forward? Am I being patient and allowing the process time to manifest my intentions?

Being patient, is keyI know personally when I first started learning about Feng Shui, I would ask the same question.  When I allowed myself to stop expecting the changes to occur in a certian way, my perspective changed and that is when I say my intentions become a reality.  Then, I understood the process.  Feng Shui is like a garden...you are creating a "life garden."  You know what you want to grow, so you plant the seeds. You feed them, nourish them, and watch them mature...you are patient with the process because you know it takes time.

feng shui process for intention like planting a garden

 When changes occur, they may not always come in the way you expect but, in any matter they are always for the positive. Feng Shui reveals the truth and the universe provides you with what you need to help reach your destination.

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