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SEO - What is it? Why do I need it? Can I do it myself?

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SEO - or Search Engine Optimization is also known as Web Site Optimization or can also be known as magic. There's not a lot to the science of it although some people will claim there is and basically baffle you with their b.s. vs. dazzle you with results.

I got into SEO/WSO (Website Optimization) a number of years ago. Figuring I needed to have a website to be somebody on the net. Not really. You don't need a website to be somebody. You need to create a presence with press releases and marketing which can all be done on the cheap-side of things if you really desire.

The question you have to ask yourself is why do I need a website? What's the purpose of it? Why will people come to visit my site over the 12,000,000 other sites that discuss real estate? How can I be found? And on and on.

I explain a lot of this in a book that I wrote available at this site: http://www.buy-this-book.com for less than the price of lunch at McDonald's.

SEO is simply the operation or process which is used to tell a search engine that it should come and look at your website and index it into its list of millions of websites. People do this for varying prices and claim varying results. Network Solutions, a pioneer in domain name registrations does this for the same price as we do ($1800), they limit you to 10 what are called keywords or phrases, and they provide NO guarantee that you'll ever break ground into the search engine index.

We charge the same price and after 180 days if we have not delivered, we give you 100% of your money back, and we do NOT limit you on keywords or phrases.

All of this that I have written requires a bit of explaining, so I give all clients that I work with a preliminary call and analysis of their website so we have a starting point. Then every month we upload to a website a report which we run that shows where the site is movement-wise. You can then see visually the improvements.

Now, let me burst your bubble a bit. If someone is doing ONLINE Activities for you, no matter what you are paying you HAVE to do offline activities as well to compliment that online work. Go to networking events, pass out those business cards, put your URL into your emails, or on your car, your voicemail, your BLOG, etc. You have to work at this as well because it's a team effort to achieve greatness for your site. If anyone tells you differently and you're not spending $1,000 or more per month in PAY PER CLICK ads, they are blowing smoke up your backside.

When dealing with us, you'll find a couple of things. We work with Law of Attraction quite heavily. We are very peaceful about our work so it flows. We ask that all who we work with be conscious and open to receiving great things. We set out working with you in very positive energy so that's what shows up.

It's possible to get your website on the front page of google. It does however take from 6-12 months to do so unless you are spending a ton of cash on ads.

Check out our book, it's got great tips inside, information on domain registrations at a great price through www.snagadomain.com as well as pointers on blogging, shopping carts, merchant accounts and other resources which we provide through our website www.docmurdock.com and our resources page there www.docmurdock.com/resources.htm

We're here to serve, happy to know you need us, and we're ready to work with you when you want your site exposed to the world.

Before we go, there's one last piece of information you HAVE to know about SEO. SEO does NOT guarantee SALES. It does Guarantee EXPOSURE when done right. Your site seen by your ideal marketplace in more than one place. If ANY SEO people guaratee you more sales....no matter who they are...RUN the opposite direction and save your money.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Roy Kotz
NPDodge - Papillion, NE
Michael, I googled this subject a while back, and found several tips on how to improve placement. I even had a bit of success with a few of my keywords in a very short period of time. However, it did not take long for my placement to slip back off the charts. Considering the amount of time I spent tiring to do this myself and the limited results it achieved, I would recommend anyone looking for better placement to let the pros do it.
Sep 18, 2007 09:27 AM
Michael Murdock
DocMurdock - Huntington Beach, CA

Yes, that's correct. Do let us pros do it, but make sure that your expectations are set correctly by that pro. Do not let them mislead you into thinking things that cannot happen. Thanks for your comment.


Sep 18, 2007 09:44 AM
Laura Jecker
Prudential New Jersey Properties - Vernon, NJ

Congratulations on your first blog post on Active Rain.  :)

Thank you for all the great information and great book by the way.

Sep 20, 2007 06:20 AM