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Hi! This is Nathan Olotoa with www.59days2sold.com and www.Seattleshortsalesagent.com and I specialize in short sales in the Tacoma and Seattle areas. Today I have little rant followed up with a suggestion on how to create a Win-Win with your buyers.


Something I commonly run into with buyers that have worked with a buyers agent previously is the previous buyers agent's unwillingness to show the buyer short sale properties. Look, I know it is tough out there. This market is not easy, but you have a duty to your buyers. If they want to see a short sale then show them a short sale. How long it takes to get paid is irrelevant compared to the happiness of your buyers. Frankly, if you do not wish to show short sales to your buyers, then maybe you should refer them to another agent who is, because it sounds like your time is to valuable to bother with buyers in the first place.


Now this is not just intended to be a rant. I have a solution to a growing problem, that helps you to win and look like a hero to your client. Typically, when a client shows interest in a short sale I do not disuade them to write an offer. Instead, I choose to educate them on the process and how a short sale works. Once they understand the process they do typically feel discouraged about it. So then I make them an offer they can't refuse.


In our MLS there is nothing that limits the amount of offers we can submit at any given time. What I typically advise is that we write an offer on the short sale property knowing that it will take time to get an answer from the bank. In the mean time lets continue to look at properties and only write offers on properties that we consider better than this one. Once we have a mutually accepted offer that is agreeable by all parties we simply rescind all other offers.


Now, you may think that this is unfair to the seller because we are tieing up the property and may not purchase it. In order to make it a win-win we simply add language that allows the seller to continue to market the property, while working our offer with the bank. Best case scenario is my client purchases the short sale at a good price. Worst case scenario is the seller finds out what parameters the bank is willing to work in so they can adjust the price accordingly for future marketing efforts. In either case both parties win and you win because you are the hero.


So you have a choice. You can be like the other agents and steer your clients away from short sales ultimately running them into another agents open arms or you can take control and educate your clients on what it takes to close a short sale and give them real options on the of their dream house. If you would rather not play this game then simply refer your short sale clients to me. I will be happy to take them off of your hands.


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