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Property Rental System

In this computer age, Property Management, property rental system, landlords and property managers rely on computer software with built in management criteria for accepting tenants to satisfy their needs. Commodity Rentals has unique software for rental property to allow managers and real estate owners to have right to use web-based property rental management which is user-friendly, cost-effective and customized for unlimited users and property units. You can now access this software from any place and managing it is not only hassle-free but secure too.

Usually, the three most important things to look for when choosing a tenant are:

  1. Timely rental payments every month;
  2. Follow the rules in the lease or other rental agreement
  3. No illegal activities on your property.

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Property Management Programs

In order to fulfill these criteria property management program helps document an owner or property management company with the following requirements.

How to determine the tenant’s ability and willingness to pay rent

Verify the applicant’s sources of income

Qualify the income ratios

Check the applicant’s credit

Previous landlords and references

Process an application fee

Supply questions for an interview with the applicant

There is a need to use credit reporting agencies, tenant screening services, and reference checking services in the right way.

Using an information service for rental property programs reports, such as a credit reporting agency or agency for prescreened tenants may entail certain obligations to applicants on your part in case you deny the applicant or ask compliance for different terms such as a higher security deposit or requiring a co-signer.

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