California Debt Settlement - Can I Negotiate My own Debt

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California Debt Settlement - Can I Negotiate My Own Debt?

computer keysYou can absolutely settle your own credit card debt if you have the time, patience, knowledge and nerves to deal with your creditors. Doing so is not likely to save you more money than letting our professionals do it for you and will likely be a huge headache. A professional negotiator is not going to be intimidated by creditor tactics which are sometimes illegal. More importantly, a professional debt negotiator will know when a creditor is

If you are a mechanic you would probably fix your own car, otherwise you will let a
Man Holding Tools professional do it for you. Hiring professionals that deal with creditors on a daily basis can give you a huge advantage when it comes to settling debt. Professionals have access to knowledge that the individual trying to negotiate debt on their own can't possibly have. . 

Sometimes bulk settlements are used to save clients more money. Bulk settlements happen is when creditors settle multiple client accounts at one time. This makes the debt settlement process more efficient on both sides and often saves people more money than individual account settlements.

Also, if you do not arrange a settlement correctly, the creditor may still attempt to go after you for the rest of the money. Our negotiators have your best interest in mind and unlike credit counseling organizations, our programs are not funded by the creditors.
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I am Kate Bourland. I help people like you get out of debt. Debt Settlement, Mortgage Acceleration, and practical suggestions for eliminating debt. Call for a Free Debt Evaluation.

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I will keep your post in mind next time I have a client that can not get approved for a loan.
Jan 23, 2011 07:18 PM
Tim Peterson
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Great post Kate-We need this more than ever now-you do a great service for people

Jan 24, 2011 02:06 PM