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Relocating to a new city?  New State?  When relocating, it's important that you find a compentent, reliable, knowledgable real estate agent and brokerage to help.  It's a major decision on where you'd like to live, which schools your kids attend, shopping, etc.  I suggest that when you know that you'll be moving start doing your homework.  Have relatives that live in the new city, ask questions of them?  What about your work place, when you interview for the job, make trips for training, ask questions of them, ask your boss.  Ask them to refer you to a great real estate agent or just ask what neighborhoods they recommend.  Make a list of your criteria, what's important to you?  After you have compiled both lists, start calling brokerages (you can do a yellow page search online), when you call ask the receptionist to recommend 2 or 3, believe me if anyone knows the agents its the office staff.  See which agents call you back right away, ask them hard questions, see if after you tell them what criteria you'd like if they make any suggestions that match the neighborhood suggestions from your list.  Are they rushing the phone conversation, in a hurry to hang up?  Are they really listening to what's important to you, do they allow you to speak or do they continue to interrupt?  The one thing that many buyers and sellers alike tend to do is choose a large brokerage based on "the name".  I am not one that buys based on name brands, because that is not necessarily the BEST product!  Don't always skip over those smaller brokerages, many times they have more knowledge about the area(s) and more heart to find what is important to you.  Many big name brokerages rate their agents based on production, they get awards based on "quantity", which in many cases doesn't mean "quality"!  Are they pushing a certain property, trust your instincts, if you have a "feeling", trust it and move on.  What does "top producer" mean to you, which is always something I see advertised.  I started my career at a "BIG" name brokerage, I am a multi-million dollar producer and I ONLY work with buyers, is that a big accomplishment?  Well, it depends on who you ask and for which brokerage you work, in my opinion my "big accomplishments" are based on the feedback I get from my buyers not from the feedback I get from how much production I've done.  When my buyers refer their friends and family to me because of the "quality" of help I provide, that is the award I set out to accomplish.

Now in Gonzales/Prairieville Louisiana, Baton Rouge and all surrounding areas Buyers have all the help they could ask for.  Clear Vision Realty with Broker/REALTOR Sabrina Fokas are EXCLUSIVE to Buyers!  Call us anytime (225) 677-8237, toll free 877-677-8237. direct (225) 955-8237, we look forward to hearing from you!  Visit us online a or email us


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Deb Salkeld
Diversified Data Solutions, L.L.C. - Macomb, MI
Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant
I looked at your site.  As a real estate virtual assistant, I'm always on the lookout for good sites with good content.  I can see you've already learned what every good real estate agent should know - about 3/4 of homebuyers are now savvy enough to use the internet when looking for new homes.  Good post!
Nov 16, 2006 02:31 AM