Why Your Corporate Identity Might Be Harming Your Business

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A company's corporate identity is a huge piece of the puzzle-a puzzle whose final picture is success. Yet many companies either have (a) a conflicting identity, (b) an unwittingly bad identity, or (c) no discernible identity at all.

In many ways, building a corporate identity is similar to writing a book. The first step is to create that instant, favorable 30-second impression. That flash of interest and intrigue that, like a good opening paragraph, inspires people to stay put-to learn more, to seek answers. But you can't stop there. An opening paragraph is no good without the first page, then the first chapter, then the rest of the book to back it up. Your identity needs to grow to a favorable one-minute impression; then ten minutes; then thirty; then an hour and so on.

Writing books has helped me understand how to deliver information effectively and ineffectively. And just as there are a lot of ways to mess up writing a book (confusing, poorly written, shallow characters, too long, etc.), there are a lot of ways to distort, or even destroy, corporate identity. Your core values could be undefined. Your marketing materials might be a hodgepodge of what was affordable or chic one year, and not match each other at all. You could be a passive marketer, like an author hoping his books land in a particular bookstore, rather than going to where his unique readers are and putting it in their hands.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Is refining your corporate identity something you've put on the backburner? Contact our director of business development, Erin Cohen, at erin@roundtablecompanies.com, to set up a time for us to talk.

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