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If you are looking for new residential construction in Trophy Club, TX and the DFW Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex area, you've come to the right place. Click on the link for a list of New Homes in Trophy Club, TX. Please be advised new construction has slowed significantly in the past couple of years. There are often very few spec homes built by builders, so often you will need to start the process from the ground up. Many areas like Addison, Flower Mound, and Plano have very few new residential developments due to space constraints.

Lots of people like to shop for new homes on their own. My advice is to STOP, call Bruce Lynn, Your Realtor with Keller Williams Realty first at 214-675-6992 and bring me with you on the VERY 1st visit to the builder. You will save time, money, and often lots and lots of headaches. For us to be able to best assist you, most builders require that you bring us with you on the first visit. You will find at the bottom of this page many reasons to use a realtor in your NEW home purchase. Please review them before you even get in the car and start a fun day of looking and shopping for a new home. Building a new home can be a lot of fun and very exciting, but it can also be very painful and full of frustrations when things don't go right. Rarely is the new home purchase process a walk in the park. In my experience there is often a high degree of dissatisfaction with the builder when a Realtor was not involved. Don't you want FREE* advice, representation, and someone in your corner fighting for you? Remember the builders reps work for the BUILDER, not for you. Of course they will be nice and friendly, but they are working against you, not for you, just like the salesperson the last time you bought a car. If you just can't resist the urge to stop and look, be sure to fill out the registration card with the builder with our name on it. Tell them you are already working with us, so there is no confusion. Please please please let us review the contract BEFORE you sign it. There never should be a rush to sign.

Check back each month for our latest finds. If what you need isn't listed here, send me an email at or call me at 214-675-6992 and we will set up a search specifically to meet your needs. That way you can beat other buyers to the best properties. If you or anyone you know is selling or buying real estate in the DFW Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area, please feel free to pass along this link or have them contact me directly.

***NEW HOME***


If you are considering building or buying a new home you need someone in your corner to protect your interests. A home purchase is the largest investment most people make in their lifetime and you have the chance to be represented for FREE and at no cost to you. There are people who have successful experiences working with both custom home and tract builders. However, I also hear lots of complaints from dissatisfied buyers who were not familiar with the process, the contracts, and the shortcuts many builders take to improve their profits or what do when things go wrong. I've seen builders sell the wrong lot, the same lot to two different people, sell the wrong elevation, put on the wrong brick, install defective floors, install defective roofs, install defective granite countertops, install AC/Heat units incorrectly, not put in insulation, install no outside water faucets, forget to install telephone, cable, and security wiring, and many other bad situations. What will you do if this happens to you? Will you even notice? Who's looking out for your interests? You see the builder's reps are normally nice, friendly and helpful, but they are not looking out for your interests. Just like the car salesperson, they are representing the builder's interests and profits. The good news is that you can have someone in your corner fighting for you and protecting your interests ever step of the way. Call Bruce at 214-675-6992 or 800-385-9355 before you even visit the builder's models for the first time. Don't buy a new home without representation:

  1. The builder's reps are expert negotiators. Are you? How many homes have you purchased this year or this lifetime? We have assisted hundreds of buyers and have a fiduciary duty to protect your interest.
  2. Some people think it costs more to use a Realtor, but in fact I regularly save my clients money versus them going directly to the builder. We bring multiple clients to the builders and they know that. They want our volume. You're only buying one home, but in some cases they even pay us bonuses to bring multiple customers to them. Be sure to ask me if you are eligible for a builder rebate. Most builders want you to have representation and have a separate marketing budget to pay our fees. In any case it won't cost you more.
  3. Most builders require us to be with you at your initial visit. This is always a good idea. We'll help you find the right builder who offers the best value and the right neighborhood. If you have already visited the builder or a model home please call me immediately and before you sign anything. Don't risk a nightmare!
  4. We'll also advise you on when to get inspections and how often. Believe me when I tell you the city building inspector is NOT ENOUGH. You'll likely never see them because they're in and out of your home in 5-10mins each time they visit. They won't give you a written report and they certainly don't answer to you. We recommend professional licensed inspectors who will work for you to get the best quality home possible.
  5. Many builders don't accurately inform you about property taxes. Get the latest and accurate information on taxes before you buy. I hear over and over horror stories that builders are not collecting enough taxes at closing and sticking it to buyers a year later with $3000, $4000, or higher tax bills that were unplanned. Go at it alone and don't be surprised if your payments go up hundreds of dollars after your first year.
  6. If you hear a builder say we will sell for X and we know it will appraise for X+Y, and therefore you walk in with built in EQUITY. Don't walk, but RUN out of that office. This is a common line used among many to entice you to buy.

Call Bruce today at 214-675-6992 and we'll get you started on the right path to home ownership.

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What we do for you:

  • Listen to your needs and assist you match the best neighborhood, builder, and value for your money.
  • Analyze designs to get you the best value and fit for your family's needs.
  • Analyze lot locations, lot layout, elevations, utility easements, traffic patterns, and other possible future impacts on value.
  • Meet you at the design center and assist you pick the best value options.
  • Review builder's contracts with you before signing.
  • Review financing options to get you the best interest rates and lowest closing costs.
  • Meet you at the design center and assist you pick the best value options.
  • Attend redline plan review meetings with you.
  • Recommend licensed inspectors, timelines, and review their findings with you.
  • Negotiate inspector recommendations with you and the builder.
  • Do final walk-through with buyer; recommend mechanical inspection firms.
  • Attend closing with you for review of closing statements and financing contingencies.

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*We represent you when you sign our standard buyer's representation agreement and require the builder to pay us to represent you.