Last of TDHCA Bond 77 money rates Surge to 5.60%

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The rate for the TDHCA bond 77 increases to 5.60% program will soon come to an end!

Bond 77 allotment 8 funds are now exhausted.  The new allotment #9 is now 5.60% To take advantage of this rate before rates go higher you need to fill out our online application here as soon as possible before funds are exhausted.  Because of the demand that this has put on the program it will expire on 4/15/2011 or when funds are exhausted, whichever comes first.

To put this into real Terms for a $100,000 home your payment is now:

  • $39 more than under lot 7
  • You will Pay $14,000 more in interest than under lot 7

It should be noted originally allotments were $50 million each.  They are now $30 million so this is a sign that this program will be gone for good.  As mentioned on my original post the program will not be re-funded once funds are exhausted.

If you are already working with another lender you will need to contact them to obtain the assistance.  If they cannot do bond 77 we will be happy to assist you to qualify using our online application here.

Here are the details for TDHCA Bond 77 Lot 7 or allotment #9

Additional program details and qualifications here.

We offer the TDHCA Bond 77 program as an excellent way for a First Time Home Buyers to purchase a home in Texas  to qualify for these programs you may Apply Online here or simply call 936-228-1944 to speak to a Mortgage Banker.   Don't Forget our Home Buyer University Classes will better prepare you for these special First Time home buyer down payment assistance programs.

If you have specific questions about Income Caps, Purchase price limits or other details of the program Call our office at 936-228-1944 and speak to a Mortgage Banker.  If you are currently working with another lender on your Bond 77 loan please contact your lender directly or TDHCA Directly.

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