Is Your Stress Real??????

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Do You Have Stress????......
Or, what I’m learning from my body

I am healthy and well and I never get sick! My blood pressure, cholesterol, and the functioning of everything the medical profession tests with blood work and CT scans are all good! I am grateful every day to have a body that functions so well! I have worked diligently to live a life I love and balance my work with relaxation and rejuvenation time.

So, it’s come as a surprise that I’ve manifested a couple of nagging conditions one of which bears the description degenerative (does that mean OLD???). Well, I don’t buy into the acceptance that my body is just getting old and I need to live with it. I am certain that my beliefs and actions can impact my body. I like the idea of Regenerative-rather than degenerative.

My tolerance for acceptance when my body messes with me is very low. So, I am consciously to listening to my body to know what has to happen to bring it back into alignment. I am even grateful it is giving me information that could make a difference in the quality of my life for the next 40 years. I’ve heard 80% or more of health issues can be related to stress.. I am thinking about stress. I find most of what I call stress is self-inflicted, rather than a burden to be borne. Not a fixed reality but rather my intrepretation about how the circumstance affects me.

In coaching, we tap into the wisdom of our own bodies: Everyone get whispers and gut feelings when something is “off” or needs attention. If we ignore or refuse to listen, the message gets louder and more persistent. Finally, if unattended, it will become a crisis. In addition, our self-talk, beliefs and expectations (our story) play a big role in what manifests. This, of course, is good news because it means we CAN feed ourselves more positive messages and choose our reactions to circumstances that don’t fit with our wants and expectations! Remember: We have each have the ability, in any moment, to change the quality of our lives and we can choose our reactions, even if we can’t change our circumstances. This applies just as powerfully to business situations as it does to health situations.

Two of my friends had very powerful experiences. A couple of years ago, Speaker & Author, Bernice Ross had been traveling and working very hard. She kept saying, “I need a break.” But not taking one. Finally after a few weeks of telling herself and everyone else this, she broke her arm. It wasn’t the break she was looking for!
Even more serious, another friend was distraught because her daughter was moving far away. She said, ”It’s going to kill me if you go.” The night before her daughter left, she had a massive stroke. Thankfully, she did not die. The recovery and problems from such a major stroke have taken their toll, though. These days, she’ll listen carefully to others and will sometimes remind us, how important it is to be careful with to what you are saying to yourself.

Last week, I posted some tests and check up items you should do regularly to take care of your physical body. I heard from quite a few of you that you’ve been putting things off. Make 2011 the year to take care of you. Let’s take this a step further. Ask yourself:

  • What in your life causes you stress? Maybe it’s not your body, but your business or your finances or your relationships.
  • How could this, even if it does not look ideal, hold benefits for the rest of your life?
  • What message is there for you? Are there whispers about changes that you need to be made? Or things you are putting up with that need either acceptance for what you can’t change or boundaries?
  • Is there one thing, in 2011, if you stopped doing it, would make the most difference in your quality of life?

This has led me to also look at how I am managing the areas I call stressful. Am I making proactive choices to help my body? I was given potent painkillers and told to take them whenever I needed. In attending a great informational seminar by The Laser Spine Institute, the doctor pointed out this is common practice but the problem is the pain pills don’t help the problem, but they just work in your mind so you don’t care you have it ( and, of course, the are addictive)!

What are you choosing to do to manage your feelings of stress? Are you addressing the underlying problem or using alcohol, eating, TV, or other mind numbing tools to ignore your pain? Or are you choosing exercise, meditation, support of friends, gratitude and laughter?

If stress is impacting you, don’t wait until it screams and becomes a crisis. Today I offer an invitation for you to make a conscious choice to take charge. Make 2011 the year that is deliciously wonderful!

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Terry Bishop
Terry Bishop Realty LLC - Tucson, AZ
Earning Your Trust and Confidence...

I agree listening to one's body is so important Joeann.  It's amazing when we stop and listen, just in the quietness of sitting and listening to music, or in nature's world, laying on the grass, looking at the sky...the creaks begin to relax and suddenly we realize how tense or streesed we really are.  We have been told to multi-task, we work ten hours a day, we rarely take time for wonder we are so stressed. It's time to scream "Stop" for a period of time each day, just to sit and do's the conscious choice about which you speak!

Feb 08, 2011 03:49 AM
Dana Lim
Allstate Insurance - Tucson, AZ

Joeann,  thanks for the interesting post.  I find the only advantage of getting older is being more "in tune" with what your body is trying to tell you!

Feb 11, 2011 10:15 AM