Real Estate A Lot Like This Maine White Water Rafting Adventure. Hang On.

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Get through the day, hang on to the short rope, wedge your feet under the thwarts and lucky you happen to be up front in the rubber river raft.

you tube chicklet A wall of water, one after another is going to try to rip you off that floating collection of paddlers wearing protective gear, helmets. Listing property and dealing with the public, some not so warm and friendly can be like Maine white water rafting. Have done the Dead, Penobscot Maine white water rafting trips with Unicorn, Northern Expeditions and what a hoot.

But remember the neat older lady home owner in real estate that made the killer home made cookies. Told you she knows you know your stuff and just do your best. And you do with the family some kind of glad you are on your home town end of the real estate sale, guiding the process. Day at a time, and you are going to get wet, pulled out and under so hold your breath. But drag yourself a shore, let the sun dry you off and get back in the boat.

Eddy out to the river bank and pail bail. Watch for rocks the next time to save your head, keep your legs from getting broken, busted up.

Life would not be so hard if some how we did not get the impression it would always be a walk in the park easy.

You need a wet suit in early fall Maine white water rafting adventures. Get a super meal on the Maine white water river trip with BBQ grilling, home made everthing to go with it. And you are hungry from the fresh Maine air, all that paddling, fearing for your life in places and the hollering on board your raft. Meet lots of neat people, gets lots of great images shot on the river with your face prepared for widow maker, the chainsaw or other gruesome sounding river rock water pockets. Each one more treacherous than the last. With thousands of gallons of Maine natural river water pumping, released through the hydro channels, gores. Dams opened up to really make the ride fast, unpredictable and one to remember. If you live.

Maine, big honking state with way less people, over the top jaw dropping four season natural beauty.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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