Ft Lauderdale Home Prices I think I saw the bottom

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Notice that I said the word "saw" it's simple part of seeing the bottom, it can only be done in the past tense. Think about it for a moment, the entire concept of buying at the bottom of any market is a conversation based in luck. Recently I saw reports from Fannie Mae, Bank of America, and Well Fargo all talked about real estate prices starting to trend up at different points of 2011. The reports read for prices to trend up anytime from the second to fourth quarter of 2011. So now if you thinking about buying South Florida real-estate you know this is the year. You will still need a little luck as with these predictions on the horizon inventory is shrinking quickly preparing for the bottom. No two properties are the same and when it comes the best of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate I still believe the bottom has passed but we won't know for sure until till next quarter. If adequate or second best is what you wish to buy you still may have some time to watch.

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