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We have a new purchase contract in NC and now time is of the essence like never before!alarm clock

The contract is based on a due diligence period with little to no contingencies.  Basically there is a time period the buyer has (the due diligence period) where he/she can walk no questions asked without losing their earnest money or any due diligence money put down.  If issues come up after the period however - a buyer stands to lose big.

question markIt is for this reason I ask:  ARE YOUR CLIENTS MORTGAGE READY? 

The positive about this contract is there is now a sense of urgency on all parties to get inspections, appraisals and most importantly - financing in line.  The downside is if the buyer doesn't have their ducks in a row - it can cost them a lot of money.

At Fairway Independent Mortgage we are highly recommending that all buyers get FULLY Approved BEFORE going out looking at properties - not just "Pre-qualified".  When buyers meet with their lender up front - they really need to have their income, credit, and assets all thoroughly reviewed and signed off on.  Any and all questions, concerns and issues should be resolved upfront.  This way they can go out and confidently put offers in and then close quickly.  The only hold ups at that point deal more with the property i.e. inspections, appraisal, and title work.

If buyers are Mortgage Ready - they should be able to close within 2 weeks if all goes well inspection wise. 

Last thing you want given the new contract, is to be playing monkey business with a lender that is dragging their feet and asking for documentation after the DD period is up. 

Good luck and as always thank you for your time!


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