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One Way of Owning Your Zip Code

Seth Godin, the man Business Week called "the Ultimate Entrepreneur of the Information Age" has authored several blog postings about real estate agents, basically saying that in order to survive in today's environment you must "own your zip code" by "hyperspecializing" or through "micro-specialization."  While I can't claim to be nearly as smart as Mr. Godin, one way that you could own your zip code is to become informed of the real estate assessment and tax process in your community.

Every property owner in your zip code will generally get three notices from the city or county each year: an assessment notice and two real estate tax installment notices (depending on the frequency of reassessment and how annual real estate taxes are billed).  Each of these mailing can provide an opportunity for real estate professionals to assist recent buyers, potential buyers, or future clients.

I'm not saying that you should become a professional property assessor, which would take too long.  What I suggest is that you get a basic understanding of how property assessments and taxes work in your area and use it to help your clients.  Most general information about real estate assessments in your city or county is available on the Internet.  Many local assessment offices also have public relations outreach programs to inform the public of how and why they do what they do.

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