More Tips to Selling Your Home Fast in Columbia, Missouri

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We blogged yesterday tips #1-#10 for selling your home faster. Today, we are going to go over tips #11-#20. Some of these many seem really simple or repetitive, but we promise they work.

Tip #11: Buy Some New Furnishings

Now is the time to replace old, worn-out items with something new. Use your best judgement as to which items will make your current home look better to prospective buyers. Sometimes less is more. So try to avoid flashy colors or patterns. Sometimes simply removing bulky furniture and other items can really open up a room.

Tip #12: Head To The Nursery

Get rid of all those half-dead plants, both in your yard and in your home. They make a mess by dropping leaves and just look unsightly. A quick solution is a trip to the nursery for a few fresh new plants.

Tip #13: Buy Potted Flowers

Flowers always brighten the appearance of a home, and plus they smell good. Another alternative is to use clay or decorative pots as planters. After you sell your current home, you can use them to brighten up your new home.

Tip #14: Let There Be Light

Most people keep curtains, blinds, and drapes closed for privacy, but be sure to open them all up when your home is for sale. Light helps your house look larger and brighter. Make sure your windows are crystal clear and replace any tattered screens. Don't forget to wipe down dusty windowsills.

Tip #15: Brighten Things Up

Add a dramatic appearance to your house with new 100-watt light bulbs. A bright house looks larger, cleaner and more appealing to a potential buyer. New lights will create an open feeling.

Tip #16: Create More Space

Remember, you're not selling furniture; you're selling a house. You may want to remove any large or ornate pieces of furniture. Removing these large pieces will help your house appear more spacious and inviting.

Tip #17: Empty The Closets

Take as many of your personal items as possible out of your closet and store them in an out-of-the-way place. When your closets are cleaned up, they will look much larger. Abundant closet/storage space is a major selling point for most people.

Tip #18: Don't Leave A Mess

Don't leave your house a mess if there's any possibility that a potential buyer might see it. Kick clothes under the bed or get a couple of large, plastic tubs for emergencies.

Tip #19: Organize The Garage

Do you ever find that you have trouble pulling your car into the garage? Clean it up by storing everything you can at a helpful friend's home or a rented storage unit. This way, your garage area will appear larger, and when it comes time for you to move, you will be more organized.

Tip #20: Start Packing

It will take some time to get all your knickknacks packed and ready to move. Why not do it now? Wrapping these little items in newspapers and storing them will your move easier, and it will help your house show better.

Hope these tips are helpful. Stay tuned for more tips!

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