The FIRST rule of ...Advertising?

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First: Do no harm.


Sure, it sounds an awful lot like the words attributed to a Doctor's Hippocratic Oath.  This "oath" is widely believed to include the words written above.  But alas, it does not.


A better place for these words it would seem, is with those who accept our advertising dollars.  As paid allies in our daily struggle to improve our top-line sales, attract clients and to thoughtfully display our wares in a manner appealing to prospective customers, their responsibility is to help us NOT hurt us.  

Business people spend their workday trying desperately to drive dollars from the top-line (sales) to the bottom line (profit).  We pinch our pennies, we squeeze our resources like lemons and we drive our employees to take on and do more in a days work, all to increase that bottom line.

To assist us in these efforts we employ various advertising entities.  An expectation is placed upon them that they will do what they are paid to do...promote our business.  It seems some have lost their focus in doing that. With the addition of Social Media to our everyday lives, Facebook, Twitter and countless other such vehicles allow us to widen our sphere of influence and if not educate, then certainly to entertain others with our dazzling insights and vast professional knowledge.  


I, for one, believe that when a paid advertising entity chooses to participate via these various forms of social media, their responsibility does not lessen, it increases.  They, after all, have been paid (sometimes handsomely) to promote and increase our business.  If they insist upon providing improper or misleading information, or false information that paints our business in an unflattering light, are they not in breach? Certainly, they are working against us or as another generation might have put it: "biting the hand that feeds them"


I'm hoping for lots of feedback on this post.  I have been struggling with the choice to renew or "not" renew an advertising agreement with an entity for which I have been an advocate.  The advertising I have paid for has been professional and my results have been mostly positive in my relationship with them.  Still, when I see them regularly providing misinformation about my profession while continuing to accept my hard earned advertising dollars, I am angered.  I simply wish that they would....


First, DO NO HARM!

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WC Notary

I agree Shannon... First: great article and reflection.

Secondly: It's YOUR hard earned money, and you can choose to do or not do whatever you please with it. Fortunately, i control all advertising aspects of my business, so there is no open venue for misleading information. But if i were to pay someone, i would ensure everything is run by me personally before publishing. 

I am more concerned with the fact that you dont sound very pleased with their services, there are very many ad agencies out there, and if they are not serving your needs appropriately i would say find another. But if the relationship is too strong and on a strong foundation, address your issues and concerns with the and hopefully come to a mutual resolution. 


Take care! :) 

Jan 28, 2011 11:51 PM
Brian Kelso

Hey Shannon,

It has been a while since I could really feel what is going on in the advertising field.

But when I was in real estate; it was always (and I think today) word of mouth advertising that drove me. Though I did not do many transactions; it was past clients telling others of the quality of work provided. I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help to you here.

Jan 29, 2011 02:56 AM
Shannon Ziccardi
"A Quick Note" Tennessee! - Clarksville, TN
"A Quick Note" Mobile Notary Tennessee!

Hey thanks for the replies!

WC- I too had hoped for a mutual resolution by writing to the offending party directly.  I was brushed off and found neither satisfaction nor anything near resolution.  I honestly would dislike ending a long term relationship which has had advantages for my business, but I find these actions so unprofessional it grates upon my value system.


Brian- Thanks for having a look buddy! ;-)

Jan 29, 2011 04:52 AM
WC Notary

Then, i think the decision is made.... unfortunately, "he/she" does not want to meet at a mutual ground - so i guess you will have to just do what you need to do (cut your losses) - i know its harder said than done, but you need to think about the reputation of your business and you as well. At the end, it all falls on YOU.

~ Good luck, hope to hear how it pans out :) 

Jan 29, 2011 08:39 AM