Northern Maine Potato Harvest In Full Swing...(Squeak Squeak Squeak)

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  mooers realty maine farm truck in snow   Three week school break and Aroostook County youth working to get the potatoes from the fields into the potato bins. This farming video from farmer Greg and Leslie Schools' farm operation in Littleton Maine with happy workers. Image to right of old stake body truck that carried 40 barrels from field to potato house with picking crews filling the barrels.  Sixty cents a barrel for 165 pound barrel (4 baskets) paid to hand pickers.  Now harvesters crews do the job and cover more ground quicker.But harvesters  leave alot of spuds behind that the kids did not miss. The barrels used years ago when filled were ticketed by picker with numbered tag. Count of barrels tallied daily and youth got paid at the end of the week.  Pickers listened to radio daily to make sure farmer was starting on time.  Cool frostly early mornings, hot mid days and the Red Sox playing on the radio in the field as you dreamed what you were going to buy with your hard earned picking money. All as the digger man squeaked squeaked by laying out another row of spuds to removed the tops and toss into another basket of the golden vegetables.

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