365 Days of Real Estate & Tech - Day 27 -- Essential Windows Shortcuts

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 Being even a little tech savvy would not only show clients that you can do the job but can also save time. Instead of using the mouse to click on the "print" button or click on the menu on "File", then "print", it is a lot quicker to just press Ctrl+P. Each time they are used, it would save time that can add up to minutes each day and hours saved each month that can be use for other important tasks like relaxing in a comfortable sofa with a warm cup of coffee.

 Below are some basic keyboard shortcuts that would be very handy when using the computer no matter what industry one works in. Will list some advance shortcuts next time.

 Basic keyboard shortcuts

 F1 - Get Help
        Open the help menu for the current program that you are using.

 F2 - Rename Items
        When selecting a file, folder, or drive, pressing F2 allows renaming the file or folder or drive description.

  F5 - Refresh Views
         Update the current display like any new files or shortcuts on the desktop or update the current web page to show any new changes or emails.

  F10 - Open Menu Options
           Activates the menu bar, which is the same as pressing the Alt key or clicking the menu options of File, Tools, Edit, etc.

 Shift + F10 - View Right-click menu
           Activates the right-click menu options.

 Ctrl + C - Copy Content
          Copy any text or file that is selected. A very useful shortcut especially when combined with the paste shortcut.

 Ctrl + X - Cut Content
          Similar to the Copy Content except that it moves the text or file.

 Ctrl + V - Paste Content
           Paste either the text to where the cursor is or add the copy files or folders to the current location.

 Ctrl + Z - Undo Action
           Undo a previous action. Especially useful if text was accidently deleted from a document.

 Ctrl + Y - Redo Action
           To add back something that was undone previously.

 Ctrl + A - Select All
           Select all text from a file or all files from a folder. Use with the Copy and Paste function to save time and hassle.

 Alt + Tab - Switch between Windows
           Quickly switch between open programs such as spreadsheets and websites.

 Ctrl + Alt + Del - Restart Windows
           Opens up the Task Manager to provide the option of ending a program that have stopped working properly, closing Windows or restarting Windows.

 Alt + F4 - Close Program
           Close current program that is active.

 Ctrl + F4 - Close Window
           Close a window of a current program. If there are multiple spreadsheets or web pages open, it will just close that current spreadsheet or web page instead of all.

 Shift + Delete - Delete File Permanently
            Deletes file or folder without putting into the recycle bin. Be careful of using this option unless you are really sure you don't need the file or folder or have a good Undelete program.

 Windows key + R - Launch Run
             Opens the Run box to manually run programs not on program list. Very useful for Dos users or opening programs quickly.

 Windows key + E - Launch Windows Explorer
              Opens the Windows explorer.

 Windows key + D - View Desktop
              Quickly display the desktop and minimize any program. One of my favorite shortcuts.

Comments (3)

Robert Wenke
Multi-family Housing, Home Values, Sales Prices - South Brunswick, NJ
Single Family Houses, South Brunswick

Some good tips -a lot of which I didn't know.  Just wanted to point out a little typo - Control P is for Print not paste (see your note under "Basic Keyboard Shortcuts")  Use Control V for paste, if you are PC.  Also, F11 expands the display on the screen. 

Jan 29, 2011 10:09 AM
Carol Andersen
Navarre Beach Agency - Navarre, FL
NW Floridanulls Real Estate Pro, TRC, ICREA

Thanks for the reminders.  I have forgotten some of those really useful shortcuts and appreciate your blog.



Jan 29, 2011 10:40 AM
Song San
Coldwell Banker Dynasty - Rosemead, CA
Broker, MBA

 Robert: You are right, I had a typo and it should have been Ctrl + V for paste. Thanks.

 Carol: Hopefully it helps you on your daily business.

Jan 31, 2011 08:46 AM