A Great Day to Talk About Veterans and Benefits

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A Great Day to Talk About Veterans and Benefits! As the month of November comes to a close and, as this is the month we take special time out to remember our veterans, it seems appropriate to impart some exciting Real Estate news about veterans and benefits.

According to the federal government, the first time consumer home buyer’s tax credit came to a close on April 30 2010. What is little known, is that for veteran and benefits, this first time, $8,000.00 home buyer’s tax credit is extended to April 30. 2011……yes next year!

Of course there are some criteria to take advantage; and this blog-post will describe these criteria. And, let’s not forget the "long-time resident" home buyer. As to veterans and benefits, this up to $6,500.00 tax credit, has also been extended ‘till April 30. 2011……yes, next year!

You must be at least under contract by 04.30.2011 to qualify. What this special rule says is if you. veterans tax credit extended

So if you were outside the U.S. for 90 days, you can still get the tax credit as long as you sign your purchase contract by April 30th 2011 and close by June 30th 2011.........The question is, will you put these tax incentives to work for you?

A "long-time resident" credit up to $6,500 is available to others who do not qualify as "first-time home buyers." Long-Term Resident is defined as: "The buyer must have owned (and lived in) their home as a primary residence for 5 of the last 8-years, too qualify if buying a new home now. Same deadline applies, 4.30.2011.

As Americans, as people with dads that were veterans and as Arizona REALTORS® my husband and I believe that this message should get out to everyone who is a veteran or who knows someone that is a veteran and help them be aware. For more, please visit LoriChasse.com, or you can contact by email at Lori Chassé and by phone at:: +1.623.680.1474.

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