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Difficult times create desperation.  People have moved into vacant homes turned on the utilities and set-up house.

This isn't an everyday occurrence but is certainly not uncommon either.  Shelter's are bulging and the term living free isn't utopia.  It really is a issue for many a sign of the times.  I know many think anyone that wants work can find it...but the employment for many means three jobs and no benefits. 

Income choices in Michigan mean split shifts, rotating shifts, fewer hours.  Holland Michigan had a largestretching your dollar retialer close.  Home Depot doesn't usually have to make this type of economic decision.  They take a market study before making the investment in the community.

The national unemployment and local unemployment issues are very different.  Michigan hasn't been out of the top 10 state for unemployment in over three years and possibly longer.

The new housing option many families face is moving in with relatives.  This puts more stress on family but has become necessary in times of low unemployment.

I  have had many calls over the past weeks and months looking for lower rent, lower cost homes.  Most are looking for options.

Michigan is divided with growth areas and impoverished areas.  Understanding markets and there transitions can make all the different in selling and buying.

Using a professional career real estate agent can save you thousands of dollars in your next transaction.

Thanks for Stopping By.

Thanks for Stopping By.

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