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There may be several reasons your home is not getting attention. 1st DON’T try to sell your home by owner unless you have a strong marketing strategy. A yard sign and a craigslist ad are not going to cut it! You have to aggressively market a FSBO with online marketing, print ads, and I recommend you list the property on a Multiple Listing Service in your area. When placing online ads please make sure you upload multiple photos. Whose going to consider your property without photos? People need a visual! Make sure you take good photos. Are you wondering what are good photos? Well, let me tell you what not to do.
Only photos of the exterior; no photos of the interior
No kitchen and bathroom photos
People and pets in the photos
Only one photo
House not clean in the photo
Outdated and distorted photos
The very first thing people look at when searching for homes online is the photos. PICTURES ARE NOTICED BEFORE ANY WRITTEN WORDS! Most do not read the description unless they like the pictures and of course the price. Don’t lose a potential person of interest because you didn’t have any photos.
If you’re not familiar with real estate contracts, negotiating, or creative ways to market your property, please list your property with a good realtor. It will make the process much easier.

2nd – Is your home priced too high? Don’t just pick a number out of the sky when pricing your home. Verify the comparables in your neighborhood. This is a buyers market. It’s going to be difficult to resale your property at retail price when most buyers are purchasing properties at wholesale prices.
If you’re house is not worth your loan balance, which may be the case, then your faced with some important questions. Why are you selling? Is the mortgage unaffordable?
If your mortgage is unaffordable there are many options available for you.
You may want to consider a loan modification or a short sale. If your reason for selling is not a finance issue, you may want to consider renting. Renting may be a good choice. Place a tenant in your property for a few years and let the market catch-up.

3rd - How does your home interior rate? Important things to remember:
•Decor - Are your walls purple and orange? Purple and orange may be beautiful but you might want to consider changing your paint to neutral colors. It’s amazing the slightest things that can turn people away. Although, paint cost is only $30 a gallon.
•Do your kitchen appliances look like this →
If your kitchen appliances are anything similar to this photo, please UPGRADE.
•Make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned. Hire a cleaning professional if necessary. A stack of papers or boxes piled up neatly in the corner is not considered clean; its still clutter.
•Landscaping – Does your yard look like a wilderness. Please cut the grass and trim the hedges. Everyone will appreciate the effort even your neighbors! Consider planting flowers, fix cracks in the driveway, and if the mailbox is falling over REPLACE IT!
The point is you can’t expect to sell your home without putting in some effort. If you don’t put forth effort people can tell and no one is going to purchase your home especially in this market with so many options available. Please remember these important tips when selling. Make it very presentable. You want people to fall in love with your home. That’s the only way there going to buy it!

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