Tips To Selling Your Home Faster in Columbia, Missouri

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I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for our last installment of tips to sell your home faster!

Tip #21: Have a Garage Sale

Finally have that garage sale you've been talking about for months. This is one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to clear out those items that make your living space look cluttered.

Tip #22: Clean the Pool

If you have a pool, it should look like you're ready to throw a pool party, even if it's the dead of winter. You want to be sure to remind the buyer of how much fun a pool really is. This means a clean, uncovered pool with all of the furniture out and looking its best.

Tip #23: Tame Wild Jungles

An empty yard sells better than an overgrown year, probably because an empty yard looks larger. When trimming back your shrubbery and trees, don't be timid. Trees and shubbery should not hide the house itself.

Tip #24: Water the Lawn

Use your sprinklers as much as possible to ensure everything in your yard is green. Make sure to water your lawn right before a showing. Newly-watered landscaping has a fresh, clean scent and a shimmer that makes it look much better than when it's dry.

Tip #25: Park Down the Street

Extra parking outisde your house will give your property a spacious appearance. Park cars down the street so the realtor has the most convenient parking. Also, be sure to remove children's toys, garbage cans, or any other unnecessary items from your front yard.

Tip #26: Get Out of the House

Always leave your house while the realtor is showing it. Remember, buying a house is an emotional experience. The buyer will tend to feel awkward inspecting the house while you are there.

Tip #27: Take the Dog for a Walk

If you own a dog that may be intimidating to the potential buyer, take your furry friend for a walk whenever the home is being shown. Your dog's bark may be worse than its bite, but if its presence alone could potentially cause tension for the buyer. Also, make sure your home is free of pet hair and odors.

Tip #28: Create an Experience

Try writing a letter explaining some fo the features of your home. Talk about the schools, good neighbors, mall and shopping centers in the area, perhaps even a little history about the home. Write it in a very personal fashion. Try to create images in the potential buyer's mind of how great it is to live there. Type the letter and leave it at the front of the house where a potential buyer can easily find it.

Tip #29: Scope Out New Developments

When you're selling your home, newer and similar homes in the area are big competition. Visit these homes to size up your competition and get ideas on how to beat them at their own game! Make sure your home has the same appeal as other homes by accenting similar attributes, while pointing out benefits your home may have that other homes do not.

Tip #30: Price Correctly

Price may be a sensitive issue. If you price your house right in line with the market, it's not likely to sell quickly. That's because only the 5% or 10% of houses with the best prices are selling each month. If the price of your house isn't in that lower 10% then it isn't likely to sell as quickly. It's not what your house is worth, but what someone is willing to pay. Your realtor will be able to suggest a good listing price.

Well that's it for our list of tips to selling your home faster. Hope they were useful!

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Great <ahef="">home selling tips<a/> for people in Edmonton, Alberta, as well!

Feb 03, 2011 11:22 PM
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Property Investigations - Jefferson City, MO

Good Morning Reza.  Great tips for the savy home seller!  Keep on Blogg'n!!

Feb 07, 2011 12:36 AM