How do I break in to the Big Time?

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This is what it can feel like to be a newbie on ARWhen I first joined AR about 4 months ago, I had no idea what it was all about. I heard about the opportunity to market myself through this format and was eager to get some free marketing, so I signed on. I didn't dive right in. It was all so new to me and I was worried that it would just take up too much of my time. Boy, did I under-estimate how much time I would spend blogging!!

Since I joined, I've written 115 blog posts (this being my 115th), have made over 800 comments and received over 750. I've had a great time and have met some really nice people, some of whom have helped or inspired me to be a better blogger. Out of my 114 previous blog posts, I've had 1 featured on on and 1 featured in both AR and I guess it took me a while to get going. This has led me to my point today. How do you break in to the Big Time on AR? I have some theories and will share them with you, but if you know some other secrets, please share them yourself.


You've joined a community at AR.1. NETWORK!! This is a networking community, so you have to join some groups, get to know some of the other members, add some associations. It can't just be about you, it has to be about the community and what you can share with the other 48,760 members of the community. This is how you build up a reader base and your reader base will be the foundation for comments on your posts. One great way you can build this reader base is to read and comment on other posts as often as possible. Some of those members will reciprocate on your posts.


2. WRITE A GOOD POST!! Your post needs to be significant. If you write about your belly button lint, you might get a few comments, but it won't be long-lasting. You have to write about something others will be interested in. Your post needs to be constructed well, have good grammar and spelling. A big block of words will turn off your readers faster than pictures of your aunt Gretel's recent case of gout. Although, come to think of it, I imagine there could be a group out there who would check that out as well.

                                                            This is an actual belly button lint collection

Be assimilated or be destroyed!!3. INCLUDE SOME PHOTOS!!! Video works very well too. Your readers will want to be entertained. A good narrative always works for me, but break up the monotony with some good photos that will illustrate your point. Sometimes a good photo will say way more than you ever could. Video links are also a great way to get your reader to interact with your post. Be creative and remember that you have an audience.
I don't want to be assimilated by the Borg, I want to join your reader base by my own free will.
Yes, I used a Star Trek analogy. Do I get extra points for that?   


4. LINK TO SOMETHING!!! It always helps to make a point when you are able to provide something to support your argument. It's also another great way to support your reader base by linking to other blogger's posts in order to have more interaction from your readers. For example, if you'd like to see who's belly button lint collection that is, go here.


5. BE YOU!!! This is the greatest piece of advice I've ever heard for building your reader base. If people like you for who you are, they will read your posts and comment more. I know a few people I have talked to have asked me, "Well, what if people don't like me?" That is just a fact of life that we all have to learn sooner or later. Not everyone is going to like you. I haven't seen any posts with 48,000 comments either. Don't worry about it, just write your posts and your reader base will grow.

Well, I guess that's all I can come up with. I didn't talk about SEO because I don't believe a great post has to have SEO requirements fulfilled. Your blog should have consumer based posts and community based posts to be most effective. Some write great consumer posts and some write great community posts. Some write great posts, no matter what. I want to be one of those!!!Of course, your comments are welcome!

Until next time...

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Jason Sardi
Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina - Charlotte, NC
Your Agent for Life
Very well-written, as usual Andrew.  Here's my take.  Read much, comment often, and don't forget to comment often.  I also think you should comment on a variety of posts and make your comments count.  If your comments are as insightful as your writing (in your case, it's very good) it may make people jump over and read you.  Then, perhaps they'll get hooked.  The more people who get hooked, the faster you will rise.  Then, it's a matter of keeping your position, that would be a whole other post:-)
Sep 20, 2007 09:32 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale

Bob---Thanks for the comment. I couldn't change me if I wanted to. It's too uncomfortable trying to be someone I'm not. I hope people find my posts interesting based on my writing and my point of view.

Jason---I'll have to remember that. I try to comment as much as I can, moreso because I find the posts here so interesting. I try to write insightful comments as well. Thanks for the compliment, by the way. As for position, that's for a story much farther down the road, I believe. We'll see.

Sep 20, 2007 12:46 PM
Jason Crouch
Austin Texas Homes, LLC - Austin, TX
Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653)

Andrew - I really enjoyed this post - very timely and well-written.  I even gave you a "5" for this one.  I actually enjoyed the fact that you included a link to the Guinness site about the belly button lint.  Classic!  You wrote some stuff that has definitely been on my mind lately.  Well done all around!

Also, welcome to the AR Addicts group!

Sep 20, 2007 07:32 PM
Armando Rodriguez
Orlando Homes 4 Sale, Real Estate Broker-GRI

Great post!

I enjoy reading them.

Keep'em coming!


Sep 21, 2007 12:16 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale

Jason---Thanks for the great compliment, the "5" and the welcome. I think I'll fit right in!!

Armando---Thanks you very much. I'll keep writing them if you keep reading them.

Sep 21, 2007 01:06 AM
Jeanean Gendron
The Address Realty - Redding, CA
Specializing in Selling Unique Properties


Great post...humorous with great points. I aspire to make similar progress in the coming months. I am inspired on every level!


Jeanean Gendron

Sep 21, 2007 05:58 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale
Jeanean---Thanks for the great comment. I'm honored to have been a part of your inspiration. LOL
Sep 21, 2007 06:07 AM
Diane Velikis
Coldwell & Banker Busch Real Estate - Luzerne, PA
Luzerne County Real Estate
Andrew, You were only a member for 4 months? I'm one for 3 months, So we started just a month apart! I can really see how your writing style is transforming with each new post. (better and better!) I'm new at blogging too so I guess we will be changing before our very eyes.    <smiles> 
Sep 21, 2007 06:47 AM
Chris Pollinger
Berman & Pollinger, LLC. - San Diego, CA
Consulting for Luxury Teams and Brokerages
Thanks for the post and your contribution to the community at AR.
Sep 21, 2007 06:55 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale

Diane---I've been a member since May, but wrote my first post in June. It has been a transition, but it's been fun. Yes, we have been making this journey together to some extent. Thanks for the company!!

Chris---You're welcome. Thanks for the comment.

Sep 21, 2007 07:12 AM
Debbie Malone
Londeree's Real Estate & Property Management - Lynchburg, VA
From Lynchburg To The Lake (434) 546-0369
Great post Andrew with some interesting observations. You're doing pretty darn well if you've just been here since May! Keep it up and I hope you get featured soon!
Sep 22, 2007 01:01 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale
Debbie---Thanks a bunch!! So, you liked the belly button lint collection? LOL I had to do it, there really was no choice in the matter. Thanks for the comment!!
Sep 22, 2007 01:20 AM
Membership Cancelled
Pullman, WA
Thank you for the info.
Sep 22, 2007 08:51 PM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale
Nathan---You're quite welcome, sir. Stop by anytime.
Sep 23, 2007 12:49 AM
Elizabeth Nieves
The Elizabeth Nieves Realty Group - Durham, NC
Bilingual Raleigh - Durham North Carolina Real Estate Team
I think you are a great writer...and an equally phenominal human. I'm working my way through all of your 115 posts!!! Blessings, my friend!
Oct 31, 2007 05:59 PM
Jason Crouch
Austin Texas Homes, LLC - Austin, TX
Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653)
Hey Andrew - We miss you, man.  I was talking to Adam yesterday and your name came up.  Come back to the rain, my friend.  I hope you are busy selling lots of homes.
Oct 31, 2007 06:02 PM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale

Elizabeth---That's a huge comment! I don't know if I can handle the pressure of living up to that. LOL Thanks, though, for your support.

Jason---I wish I was busy selling lots of homes. I have been busy, though. Evaluating and Re-evaluating. It's a process. Thanks for the comment. I'm never far away.

Nov 03, 2007 02:41 AM
Jason Crouch
Austin Texas Homes, LLC - Austin, TX
Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653)
Andrew - I have heard that phrase from some other folks as well.  I am always evaluating, too, but I guess I do some of that publicly right here at AR.  I hope you are doing well.
Nov 03, 2007 02:44 AM
Lane Bailey
Century 21 Results Realty - Suwanee, GA
Realtor & Car Guy
Despite the size of AR, it is still a small community.  I see the same people producing most of the content.  It is odd, as I wander through my groups, I keep seeing the same names.  Kind of like on a cruise a few years ago.  There were 3000 passengers on the ship, but we mostly saw the people on our deck... everywhere.
Nov 03, 2007 03:08 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale

Jason---You're doing quite well with what and how you do it. Don't stop.

Lane---You're's a very cliquish community. I think that's just human nature, though. We tend to gravitate to the groups and people who share our mindsets. That was an interesting analogy with the cruise ship. Thanks for commenting.

Nov 03, 2007 04:47 AM