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If you want to really make an impression with your clients and make the most income and closings possible in the business, you need my book and workbook. my book Mortgage - Ocracy will open your eyes to the real mortgage world and help you achieve great heights in your journey as a mortgage proffessional. My 175 page book comes packed with the important things that you need to know. It also comes with an explosive 30 page workbook that will ensure that you retain the knowledge that I have taught you in this book. If you are in the mortgage or real estate field, you owe it to yourself to invest $44.95 in this book to get to the next level that we all want to be at. This book comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee, although, after reading it, you wont want your money back, you will want more. Please call 804-272-8365   Ext 224 to order this book today, dont delay and be left in the cold....    Yours Truly   BART SMITH.

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