BLOGGING has turned me into a maniac!!! I am HOOKED!!!

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Do you know that when I started on January 1 to be seriously committed to writing a blog a day for the month of January, I FINALLY think “wow, now these aren’t bad” ….  They sound pretty good to me, at least some of them do.

I have created what I think is a great way to write my blogs.

I write them in Microsoft Word, and I save them in Microsoft Word.  I was recently with a realtor friend who says, I always forget what I said!  So I told her what I do and she now thinks I am a genius!!!  This way it has kept me on track and I can write and revise them as I want to, and then just copy and paste into Active Rain.  It has been a great learning experience for me. 

Recently while with a fellow realtor and talking about blogging, she started sharing some of her life experiences with me.  And everything she would share a story, I’d say “you should write a blog about that”…….. Finally the light bulb has gone off and I am realizing just what you guys have been telling me.  You have told me that it’s like “conversation” or “writing an e-mail”………… It expresses the personality of the individual and tells a little story that people can relate to…….. and then the coolest thing of all is to write these blogs and when comments come in from all over the country,  it is so motivating because finally you can realize that, WOW, people really are paying attention to me and what I am writing!!!! 

So just like you told me, just write little stories and that is all that a blog is………….  Just like that old saying……… “K I S S…………. Keep It Simple Stupid”……… that’s me!!!  And now that I’ve started, I just can’t stop!!!  You, my techie guru friends at Active Rain (you guys that I met at Rain Camp)  have created a monster!!!  

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Mike Jones
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Right on the money!  This is addictive, and even better, it makes your phone ring!

Mike in Tucson

Jan 31, 2011 03:54 PM