What is happening in and around Kirkland from an "almost" native

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Having lived in Kirkland since 1979 may qualify  me as an "almost native" and I have seen several waves of changes in housing and lifestyle near downtown. So let's focus on the neighborhoods in a radius of say 2 miles from the downtown business core. Here are my top 5 reasons to love living in these neighborhoods?

  1. Walking  to get a cup of coffee  instead of driving allows one to talk to neighbors- a lost art of modern society.
  2. The diversity of home styles is exciting. Have you seen the fabulous redo of the older home on Waverly Way into an Italian cottage? Beautiful.
  3. Kirkland has one of the most vital park systems around the Eastside. Parks are the face of a city and Kirkland has done a very good job.
  4. More and more good ( ok great) places to dine. What are your favorites?
  5. Community involvement is high because people are passionate about their neighborhood.


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