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Inland EmpireElite REO offers short sale services after other home-saving technique such as loan modification have failed in the area of Southern California known as the Inland Empire or the I.E.  Located 37 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, this densely-populated region is the epicenter of foreclosure activity.

Consisting of Riverside and San Bernadino Counties, the IE spread over 27,000 miles and is home to over 4 million people.  Considered part of the Greater Los Angeles Area by the Census Bureau, most of the population is concentrated in the southwest corner of the region which borders Los Angeles.  The fabled Route 66 ends runs through the northern part of the area, bring tourists and migrants to the area. 

orange treeAt one time, a major agricultural center known for citrus, dairy, and winemaking, the Inland Empire became known over the past 70 year for its affordable homes and commercial and industrial development.  The process started after World War II, when citrus groves were bulldozed to make way for suburbs.  The prevalence of cheap land in the area has encouraged the development of bedroom communities of suburban homes on 1.4 acre lots, available for less than comparable homes in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Over the past 20 years, shipping, logistics, warehousing, and retail have developed as the predominant industries of the Inland Empire.  The recession of the past few years has hit these industries hard, which in turn, has impacted housing in the region. Since 2006, foreclosures have risen 3,500%; there has been one foreclosure filing for every 133 households.  Of 104,000 properties currently on the market, nearly a third are being listed as short sales, while over 11% are in foreclosure or bank owned.

Elite REO opened its door to meet the needs of troubled homeowners by offering a compassionate alternative to foreclosure.  Serving real estate needs throughout the Inland Empire, Elite REO specializes in Riverside, Corona, and Moreno Valley.

We've been one of the TOP 3 Real Estate Teams  in the Inland Empire.. . for 26 years !! Our core team of 5 bring a cumulative 124 years of experience. Each of us averages nearly 25 years in Real Estate experience and we are excited to have helped nearly 4,200 families during our careers.

 We've been successful in seeing caly, san bernadinowhat the market will need, at least 2-3 years in advance, and focusing on providing the right services at the right time.

Our current focus is helping families find the right solutions in this foreclosure market. Since the market shifted in 2008, we've helped 1472 families by doing what we do best .  .  . "TELLING IT TO YOU STRAIGHT"

We created as a tool to help you if you are behind In payments, upside down, and want to make the best decision for your family. As our government has already shown, kicking the can down the road does not work and you need to know you have a top group of professionals ready to help you implement the right decision now.  We invite you to watch our new video for a handy overview of thesort sale process.

Check back in regularly, and be sure to recommend both our property site and our short sale site to your friends and relatives . . . our goal in 2011 is to help 1,000 struggling families . . pass this information along.