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The weather, one of everybody's favorite topics of conversation.  Even though we're used to long winters in Northern NH, still we complain. We tell our tales of woe to all; of how we made it to work in the morning and of our harrowing ride home.  Sometimes we're thrilled; it's gorgeous out, bright and sunny.  Ok, it's 12 degrees, but it's above zero, we're all exultant!  It's a natural conversation starter, easy.  So let's use it in real estate.

I have in mind more than a lame, "how's the weather by you?" as a limp conversation starter.  Yawn.  Realtors know that we need to keep in close touch with past customers and clients, our SOI and current sellers.  Why not show  that you are thinking of them, and care, and touch base at the same time? 

Whether you believe in global warming or cyclical changes to our climate, many of us are experiencing some wild weather conditions lately.  As I post this, a huge part of the country is undergoing large snowfalls, blizzards, icing dangers. So pick up the phone and try one of these ideas:

I've been thinking of you - you may have heard we're getting hammered with another huge snowfall?  Have you had someone clear the snow and ice from your roof?                          

Have you been to the vacation home recently?  It's been like monsoon season here lately, more people than usual are seeing water in their basements.

  Brr, it's COLD out there (yep -25 below qualifies!) Have you had anyone stop in to see if the heat is still on and if the tank is full?

  If you know they're skiers or snowmobile enthusiasts, it's really simple; they're chomping at the bit to come up and have fun, so talk about that!

  Nasty windstorm last night, downed trees and branches all over the place.  What was it like by you?

And don't forget the power of pictures, which can easily be e-mailed.  Showing the tree that landed in their driveway is powerful.   You don't have to be a meteorologist or even a certified weather geek to engage in these conversations, just be yourself; a connected and concerned Realtor, staying in touch.



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