Mt. Washington Real Estate 2010 Review.

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So here is the data on Mt. Washington real estate regarding what took place in this neighborhood.

The amount of homes for sale in Mt. Washington was at a 4.6 month level at the start of 2010. The correct balance, per all the real estate gurus, is a 3 month supply. The 2010 year closed with a 3.4 month inventory level showing the market moving towards stability in this enchanted and unique community. You are able to now reference the point that about 10 homes were sold on a monthly basis. On another note, home sellers are at an average of 39 days for a sale compared to 95 days at the start of 2010 in Mt. Washington.

Pending sales have also been increasing steadily since July showing a positive outlook. You may wonder why, when the media speaks of constant doom and gloom. The main ingrediant is that as a local resident and a Realtor this neighborhood offers much in the quality of life to its residents. The point of an awesome location is first, as a commute from Mt. Washington offers various routes that can be taken. The next point is the intense community involvement to maintain the lifestyle that Mount Washington offers.

The Mt. Washington Elementary School is one of the best in the State with sensational student ratings. The Mount Washington Home Owners Alliance is one of the key volunteer organizations created to keep the residents informed and work on specific matters involving the community.

So, what does all this mean to you in regards to amazing real estate in Mt. Washington...

Home values are holding up well with the majority of listed homes being regular sales. The short-sales and bank-owned properties are few and on average number less than 5 listings. The demand is strong and working with the right Realtor is proven to bring the best results for home sellers and home buyers.

You now have trusted and reliable data so let's chat about your specific needs with an easy consultation. Thinking of investing in Mt. Washington real estate? Let us have a practical chat on benefits for the long term or even a quick flip.

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