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House Numbering in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island

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Many people do not recognize the importance of house numbers and as a result, many homes in Nanaimo are not identified with visible or legible house address numbers.  In most cases, this is not an intentional decision, but rather a lack of understanding of the potential consequence of not installing them or allowing vegetation to reduce their visibility.

Unfortunately, the inability to quickly identify an address from the street may cause delays in responding to a home during an emergency.  Nanaimo city bylaws establish the following minimum standard for house numbering:

House numbers must be placed in figures not less than 3" high on the building in a conspicuous place, visible from the street upon which the building fronts.

House numbering checklist:

House numbers should be of a contrasting colour to their background and should be clearly visible at night.

Display house numbers as close to, or on, the main entrance or doorway facing the adjacent roadway.

If there is a lane access, place house numbers in such a way as to be visible from that lane.

Where the building is obstructed by vegetation, house numbers should be mounted on a sign clearly visible from the roadway.

If the property the building or residence is located on is a greater than the normal distance from the roadway, display house numbers within 10 metres of the roadway.

All house numbers should be displayed in an upright manner so that they are clearly visible from the adjacent roadway or lane way.